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The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has launched a psychological and moral support program for employees of the Federal Government, “Hayat”, with the aim of enhancing the mental health of employees and assisting them, with the support of specialists and consultants in leading companies at the state level.

Dr. Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Mannan Al-Awar, Director General of the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources, told Al-Bayan: “The need for such a program is more prominent now than ever, given the exceptional circumstances the world is going through, due to the Corona virus crisis.” The new, and the psychological, health and social pressures and challenges that may arise from it, resulting from anxiety and pressures. He called on employees of ministries and federal agencies, to invest in the “Hayat” program, and take advantage of the free consultations that he provides to them, whether by e-mail or phone, with the availability of all guarantees to maintain privacy and confidentiality of data.


On her part, Leila Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and Plans for Human Resources at the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources, explained that: “The Authority launched a social and psychological support program for employees of the federal government,” Hayat, in cooperation with the company “Life works”, which is specialized in providing consultations and support in the field of health Mental.


She said: «The program aims to raise efficiency and productivity, by reducing work and life challenges, and raising levels of quality of life in the work environment, and job well-being at the level of the federal government, and thus, achieving the required balance between professional and social life, in addition to enhancing mental health of employees ».


She stated that the program is based on several axes, the most prominent of which are: “Enhancing institutional awareness of the importance of mental health for employees, emphasizing the values ​​of alignment between institutional and functional goals on the one hand, and personal aspirations on the other hand, and the balance between work and social life, with the need to provide the necessary health care to all employees And create the balance they need, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. ”


“Through the program, we also seek to build strong relationships between employees, enhance the spirit of one team, the spirit of institutional loyalty, integration and participation, as well as build mutual trust between employees and institutions, and raise levels of productivity,” she added.

In turn, Salwa Abdullah Abdel Moneim, Director of Projects and Programs in the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources, explained the program’s work mechanism, so that the employee of the federal government can communicate with the company, and request support and psychological and moral advice, through one of the approved communication channels, namely: «Email [email protected], or toll-free number 800543396757, or through “WhatsApp”, through the number 939 6126 052.

And in the event the employee communicates with the “life works” company, via the hotline or “WhatsApp”, the situation is evaluated, and then suggestions are made that help in overcoming the crisis or problem, or coordination to make a call with the psychologist, at the time that the employee chooses, To advise him, and then communication between them continues, to determine the results achieved.

And if the e-mail was approved as a mechanism for communication and requesting support, the employee sends a letter describing the problem or situation, to which the psychological therapist responds to him, provides him with direct advice, or asks him for additional information, to review the case, and to decide if there is a need to hold dialogue sessions, and then Provides advice, advice and read and visual materials that can help reduce or eliminate the problem.

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