Haya Al-Shuaibi opens fire on Sarah Dernawi


Tell me – Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi attacked the Saudi media, Sarah Dirndawi, although she did not name her explicitly, but it was intended.

Where Haya Al-Shuaibi said in a video posted on her account through the “Snapchat” application that Dirndawi seeks to stir sedition in Kuwait, after the latter hosted the Kuwaiti actress Hayat Al-Fahad.

Haya said that hosting the life of Al-Fahad aims to stir discord because Sarah, as she put it, “hates Kuwaitis.”

And she said: “With my great respect to the female broadcaster, and who loves Kuwait, we are equal to the one and ask the life of the cheetah this is racist..no racism .. myself once you look at the screen that I respect and respect its owners and it has Hashemite and dignity .. myself once you say a good word about Kuwait Mo You repel Kuwaitis on any job

She added: “Frankly, you need to call Malo, because we are at the time of Mandour, to say gossip, we are at the time of supplication and seeking help from our Lord, and at a time when our bay must be one of the most satisfactory in Europe, what do you say?”

Come on, she added: “Do not settle the temptation. Set us against this one. This is the life teacher of the Cheetah, when I called her and said this is not racism. You have racism, you do not like Kuwait about you, what you loved us, but other than us, the Kuwaitis said, and the two Kuwaitis said and you complained … your age loved us and you did not defend us What did you say about us?

Al-Shuaibi, the Saudi media, threatened that she would devote her account through “Snapchat” to respond to her if she offended again to Kuwait, and she said: “After today, I will never let you down .. I was respecting you, but then no .. God is my vision. A second time I spoke to a Kuwaiti Or an artist or a Getty who pointed us .. This is a snap, so you will have a response in it … If your time does not settle gossip and your time does not place the world on the life of a cheetah. “

Hayat Al-Fahd spoke on one of the TV programs, and she was angry, loudly, demanding the removal of non-Kuwaiti citizens from the Koruna outside Kuwait and throwing them in the desert, which sparked a wave of anger towards her and amounted to describing it as “racism”.


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