Has the position of Athar Al-Tahir changed within Al-Ahly after the confirmation of Ahmed Fathi’s departure?


It was confirmed that Ahmed Fathi, Al-Ahly’s first team defender, left the team at the end of the current season after negotiations between him and Al-Ahly officials ended on Wednesday morning.

Questions started about Ahmed Fathi’s substitute, and the name of Athar Al-Tahir, the Sudanese Al Hilal player, was brought up to replace the international player in the new season.

And knowing El-Ahly.com That the name of Athar Al-Taher was not proposed as a substitute for Ahmed Fathi, and the position inside Al-Ahly club has not changed.

In the past few hours, many followers linked the name of Athar Al-Taher, the player of the Sudanese Al-Hilal team, to moving to Al-Ahly’s ranks during the next summer transfer window..

And it was El-Ahly.com He had confirmed earlier that Al-Ahly club had not considered signing Al-Taher with either the last or the current period and did not enter the accounts of the technical staff of Al-Ahly club led by the Swiss coach Rene Vyler, despite the distinguished level he appeared in the matches of the second and fifth rounds of the group stage African Champions League.

It is noteworthy that Al-Taher, who is 23, participated in 37 African games with Al-Hilal, despite his young age until now, during which he managed to achieve 4 goals, including the goal that housed Al-Ahly’s nets in the first meeting between the two teams this season, along with another goal.


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