Harry and Meghan formally start their non-royal life, and Trump asks them to pay for their security protection


When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, gave up their royal supreme roles to become “financially independent”, it caused great shock within the British Royal Institution, and also aroused the interest of many inside and outside the United Kingdom.

According to what was agreed with the royal family in Britain, the end of this March is the last days of Harry and Meghan in their royal life, to start from the first of April a new life that Prince Harry, who spent his entire life in the royal palaces in London, is not used to.

Why are they doing this? How will they live? How do other family members think about this?

In a statement on Monday, the couple said, before their formal transition to a non-monarchical life, “Much has happened in recent weeks, as such questions are no longer considered”, while a Sussex spokesman noted that “the Duke and Duchess of Sussex preferred to focus in recent weeks.” On the global response to the spread of the Covid 19 virus. ”

This recipient no longer uses the Sussex Royal name for their nonprofit organization, website, or Instagram account, as March 31 marks the end of their royal lives, and the start of their new lives. With the couple formally relinquishing their royal duties, what are the expectations for the transition?

The couple is still part of the family, but they cannot use royal surnames. The wider family proposes a united front after what royal sources initially described as “disappointment” and “discomfort” in a statement last January, while Queen Elizabeth stressed that Harry should not keep Any royal titles.

Harry or Meghan will not use any of the royal surnames, but that does not change Harry’s position in the line of succession of his grandmother on the throne of the United Kingdom.

On March 9th, as part of their final royal duties, the couple joined all members of the royal family on Commonwealth Day.

Many have written about the lack of interaction between the Duke, Duchess of Sussex, Prince William, and his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. But the bigger message was that while Harry and Meghan might leave the “establishment”, they are still part of the family.

Behind the scenes, arrangements were finalized regarding the conditions for the couple’s departure, as the Crown Prince of Wales, Charles, agreed to continue to support them financially through his own property, the Duchy of Cornwall.

The couple were allowed to keep their homes in the ownership of Windsor in England, if they paid 2.4 million pounds ($ 3 million) of public funds used for the renovation, but the couple made it clear that they intended to spend more time in North America anyway.

At first this appears to mean Canada, where we lived in a Vancouver Island home, but US President Donald Trump tweeted this week that Harry and Meghan left for America and that “the United States will not pay for their security protection,” a Sussex spokesman immediately responded in a statement saying they They have no intention of requiring the US government for any security protection resources, and that privately funded security arrangements have been made. They are reported to have moved to California, where Meggen originated, despite an outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in the United States.

Prince Charles’s support may not cover all the expenses of a small family, even when combined with his mother’s inheritance, and certainly not the style they are used to, so Harry took two chances to speak with Wall Street banks where he discussed mental health issues, while performing an audio performance of a Disney movie on Protecting elephants in Botswana.

The future challenge of this family that includes the child Archie, will continue to find such deals, which ensure that the expenses of the small family are covered, without relying on the trademark “ownership”.


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