Harry and Megan search for a new life in Los Angeles – thought and art – east and west


Celebrities in Los Angeles increased as Prince Harry and his wife Meghan moved there to start a new life away from the British royal family, which are now inactive members..

The couple apparently moved to California a few days ago, while they were staying in a circuit on Malibu Beach, near Los Angeles, known to hold a large number of Hollywood stars and rich California..

But the only problem is that the spouses do not belong to the first or the second, so how will Harry (35) and Megan (38) who are “financially independent” be able to earn a living?

This task seems easier for Megan: she was born in Los Angeles where her mother still lives periodically, and she has good relationships and much knowledge gained when she was an actress..

Similar roles

“I think Meghn will continue to work in the entertainment world one way or another, and it is not in her interest to give up,” said Jitender Sahdev, a celebrity expert. “Finally Meghn comes from the entertainment sector..

He sees it “very unlikely” that Meghan Markle will return to acting out of the broad section and perform roles similar to those she previously performed, as she may “make documentary films or participate in dubbing” various works..

Before leaving Britain, she loaned her voice to the narrator of a documentary film produced by “Disney”, a company that might be particularly interested in the image of Meghan Markle “The Princess” even if she became “retired”.

“People love the idea that she was a princess. Even if they (Harry and Meghan) no longer belong to the royal family,” said Simon Thompson, a Los Angeles producer and journalist, other entertainment companies such as Netflix have expressed interest in working with Megan..

If Megan wants to resume her acting career, she must be very selective in choosing her roles, according to Thompson.

Full turn

For Harry, who cut ties with his family to move thousands of kilometers with his wife and son Archie, arriving in Los Angeles is like an unknown diving.

“I do not see a logical place in Hollywood for someone like Harry, but this does not mean that he will not adapt,” Sahedev said.

This expert believes that giving speeches on public occasions and contracts with publishers and interviews, especially those obtaining the famous red carpet in Hollywood, could allow Harry to tackle the problem of adapting to the new lifestyle..

He explained, “He will have to make a complete turn and be inspired by Kim Kardashian’s guide and influencers on Reality TV, to say: I will allow you to enter my life and show you who I really am.”.

The couple could also follow the example of Barack and Michelle Obama who founded a production company, according to Thomson, a method that allows them to promote issues close to them such as mental health or environmental protection..

The problem of the place

Another problem Harry and Meghan face is where they will settle.

Fenced complexes with a surveillance system in upscale neighborhoods in Brentwood or Beverly Hills may be suitable.

“I don’t think we will see them wandering around the heart of Hollywood a lot,” Thompson said, envisaging a “logistical nightmare” for such a picnic on the security front, especially after US President Donald Trump said that the United States would not pay to secure the couple’s protection.

Sahedev pointed out that Calabasas, a luxury suburb on the hills where families like Kardashian family live, may be an acceptable option.

He concluded, “They may want to live the actual life of celebrities.”



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