Hani Shaker finishes Dini’s album: “With Your Satisfaction”


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Hani Shaker finishes from Dini’s album: “With Your Satisfaction”, today, Thursday, April 23, 2020 03:22 AM

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Artist Hany Shaker has finished recording a complete religious album entitled “With Your Satisfaction”, in preparation for his release soon through his own YouTube channel.

The album is complete with Ahmed Sheta’s lyrics, composed by Walid Mounir, distributed by Medhat Taha, technical supervision by Walid Mounir, recording and Mix Mahmoud Ezzat, Osama Kamal.

“Shaker” stressed that the religious songs are very close to his heart, and that he possesses many religious songs and is always enthusiastic about them, because they address hearts and consciences, and they have their own audience, who listens to them, explaining that the album is a social religious topic that discusses in each song a different topic, hoping that it will meet Admire the audience.

“Shaker” is awaiting the presentation of the clip of the song “How to forget”, which is his first experience in the Lebanese dialect that he hoped would be sung throughout his history until the opportunity arose, an idea and music composed by Walid Tawfik, directed by Hafez in his first directorial experiences.

The Music Syndicate recently presented the song “The White Army”, in appreciation and honor for the role of doctors and medical and health professionals in treating and responding to the new epidemic of the Corona virus, the words of Amir To’eima, composed by Khaled Junaidi, and distributed by Yasser Majed.

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