Hala Shiha returns to wear hijab and asks her followers to pray


Despite the strong controversy raised by the Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, after removing the veil and returning to art, she appeared again wearing the veil.

Hala Shiha, on her Instagram account, posted a picture of her wearing the veil, accompanied by her little son.

Commenting on the photo, she said: I and Ahmad used to pray together, there is no need for prayer more than certainty.

It was a solution that broke its silence, revealing the only solution to confront the outbreak of the Corona virus in countries of the world.

And she said in a statement through her account with “Instagram”: O Lord of the worlds … kindness is between us and our family and our loved ones and our children everywhere so that we can count on these difficult days.

She added: Indeed, we are living in a lot of yes, not sensitive to its importance other than what you leave from us … Oh God, thank you and thank you for every sweet need and for every prevention because every need we have is good for us, whether in giving or preventing.

She added: Thank God a lot and ask forgiveness a lot, and God willing, everything will be better.


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