Hala Shiha imitates Emmy and Donia Samir Ghanem and responds to the cynics of her shape .. Watch!


The Egyptian artist Hala Shiha was subjected to ridicule by the pioneers of social networking sites, after she posted a video clip through the application “Tik Tok”, in which she appeared with a slender face and looked older.

And I imitated Hala Shiha in the video of the Egyptian artist Amy Samir Ghanem, to infuse comments on her, which initially forced her to respond, but she did not answer the rest of the questions.

And a large number of audiences interacted with the video, where followers said: “You are a strong and frightening variable. My currency is about. Botox is not sweet for you. You were naturally sweet. They are your teeth, what happened to them? And the camera is the cause. ”

Others also mocked the way she imitated the comedian Amy Samir Ghanem, saying, “I don’t know what you are doing and don’t answer her wit as you don’t mind.”

Hala also posted another video on “Tik Tok”, during which she imitated the artist Dunia Samir Ghanem in a snapshot of her series “Nelly and Sherihan”.

And I published a third video about a declaration of obesity, and the comments of the masses were also mocking of it, as the followers said, “Blash, follow Nelly and Sherihan, and my lamb is better.” Cosmetic surgery”.

It is noteworthy that the solution Shiha, raised several questions among the public about the possibility of her return to wear the veil again, after the disclosure of her latest pictures via “Instagram”.

Hala published a new photo of her with her son, via the “Story” feature on Instagram, in which she wore the hijab, commenting: “I and Ahmad used to pray with some of the most beautiful of praying with certainty.”

Hala Shiha had abandoned her headscarf early last year, returning to art after 12 years of retirement, during which she wore the niqab and then the veil.

Hala returned to art last year, through her participation in the series “Earthquake” with the artist Mohamed Ramadan, which received high viewership.

The current period is witnessing an artistic activity by Hala Shiha, as she finished filming her scenes in “Mish Ana” with the artist Tamer Hosni, while she continues filming her role in the series “Dahab Ayrah”, which will be shown next Ramadan.

The series “Dahab Ayrah” starring Yusra, Hala Shiha, Hanadi Mehanna, Abeer Sabri, Bayoumi Fouad, Joumana Murad, Khaled Anwar and Khaled Sarhan, written by Ahmed Adel, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, and the work is a joint production between the United Media Services Company and the Justice Group.


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