Hala Al Turk angered the audience with her “bold” position to take a picture!


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The young Bahraini actress Hala Al-Turk has been a guest of the “Sahranin” program presented by the Lebanese artist, Sirine Abdel Nour, next to the Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmy, but remotely because of the conditions in the world after the spread of the new Corona virus.

The Turk presented her song “No Touch” with her band with a new distribution, but each of his homes, and the audience interacted with the emergence of the gentle and light Turk, while some praised her appearance and adoption of the controversy of her hair and the simplicity of make-up, considering that it is for the first time in a while that appears innocent that the public has become accustomed to since its first appearance She is a child in the talent show Arab Got Talent.

This was the Turkish had been subjected to severe attack before her appearance because of a video spread to her from the scenes of one of the cooking programs as she tries to take a picture of a situation and described by the audience as bold, and the Bahraini artist showed the video wearing a green caftan, but her method provoked the viewers and exposed her to the attack, and the audience accused her of intentionally arousing excitement He drew attention, while some said that she deliberately showed her body, which seems to have undergone plastic surgery that does not suit her age according to their opinion.

A number of social media pioneers, Moroccan artist Dounia Bhatma, brought the matter together and said that what Hala is doing is the effect of her long-term stay with Boutma.

It is known that Hala Al-Turk is the daughter of producer Mohamed Al-Turk, husband of Moroccan artist Donia Battma, and Hala had lived for a long time with her father and wife after separating from her mother, Mrs. Mona Al-Saber, but she returned to live with her mother recently, which caused some problems that went out publicly and reached to the extent She exchanged accusations and insults, and her grandmother from her father recently interfered in these problems.

Hala Al-Turk had published a video a while ago on “Instagram”, in which she appeared singing “Break Her Biography”, to advise her followers not to go out and stick to the house.

Through the video, the Turk saluted the Emirati artist Ahlam, saying: “With my love and all my respect for Mama Ahlam.” This salute sparked wide reactions, as some said that she deliberately ignored her mother, Mona Al-Saber, which is likely to have differences between them, especially that she used the word “Mama”, and others replied that what Hala said was her way of expressing her love for the artist.

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