Hajjaj Abdel-Azim on the series “Two in the Box”: “The scenes were c


7:00 am

Wednesday 15 April 2020

The artist Hajjaj Abdul Azim said that the family of the two series in the box by the artist Os Os and the artist Hamdi Al-Mirghani did not suffer from the photography crisis, because of their completion of photography before the occurrence of the Corona crisis.

In statements to “Masrawy”, he affirmed his happiness with the scenes of work, which he described as “a mountain of monkeys”, from the excessive “naughtyness” of Al-Mirghani and Os Aws, whom he considered as my children.

He added: “I feel very happy because of the repeated cooperation with my brother and my life friend, Salah Abdullah. While working, I and I collect garbage from residential buildings, and we spoke funny conflicts among us, because his son admired my daughter, and this is what causes us to quarrel together permanently on the towers and buildings. “.

And on the reasons for his enthusiasm for work, he said: “The role and the crew of the series attracted me and the presence of a wonderful director like Professor Muhammad Mustafa.”

Regarding changing the name of the series from “Rouhine in Zakeba” to “Two in the Box”, he said: “We felt that the first name was heavy in the ears of people, and the family of work decided to change it during filming.”


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