Haifa Wehbe’s granddaughters grab the attention in Ramadan


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The granddaughters of the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, grabbed their attention during Ramadan, through pictures and funny clips of them.

Zainab Fayad, mother, participated The two girls Pictures and clips via her account on “Instagram” website, yesterday, Sunday, which shows their denial of the characters “Bakiza and Zaghloul” from the famous Egyptian series in the eighties of the last century, starring Essaad Younis and Suhair Al-Bably.

Fayad was keen to pay tribute to the artist, Esaad Younes.

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter also posted a video clip of her oldest daughter performing a scene in which she portrays the “Madame Bakiza” character, and asks for a sushi from a restaurant.

While the youngest daughter ignited the account in the same video, she plays the role of “Zaghloul” and requests food from the restaurant, but when she learned that it was too expensive she asked for garlic only, before she danced on the songs of Egyptian folk festivals.

The video gained more than 80,000 views.

It is said that Zainab Fayyad is a daughter Haifa Wehbe, From her first husband, Nasr Fayyad, whom she married with a young age, and who gave birth to their daughter, and then decided to enter the art world, and agreed to give up her daughter in order to obtain a divorce and move to a life of fame.


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