Haifa Wehbe announces peace with Asala


Asala praised Elisa’s new video clip and Haifa Wehbe’s participation in her new song, “Hengni Violin and Violin”. Haifa said during a phone call to MBCTrending, that she respected

Photo published by Haifa Wehbe on her Instagram page, Photo: michelaraye

Asala is very much like an artist, a human being, a mother and a woman, explaining that the misunderstanding between them she does not remember his reason.
She revealed that from a while ago she received a call from Asala and found her great kindness, and asked her to forget everything that happened, and she invited her to her home when she came to Egypt.
Haifa Wehbe said that she will not accept that there is a problem between her and Asala again, pointing out that Asala speaks spontaneously and that she loves and respects her.
Asala commented on Haifa Wehbe’s sharing with Elissa in her new song, a writer in a post via “Instagram”: “It has a tremendous amount of beauty and joy with the speciality of Elisa’s voice and the attractiveness of her voice in a pleasant way. Difficult days Thank you, Alisa, who is always sincere, by what you say and by whom you sing. “

A picture that Haifa Wehbe posted on her Instagram page, Photo: Without Credit

A picture Haifa Wehbe posted on her Instagram page. Photo: pause_world


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