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In implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him” by easing people, simplifying and facilitating procedures for customers and providing digital government services around the clock in an easy and effective way, the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee continues its unremitting efforts In designing and launching initiatives that support national efforts to ensure the provision of the best smart government services to customers from all segments of society at a distance.

His Excellency Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future affirmed that the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum strengthened the government’s capabilities, readiness and flexibility in developing proactive solutions to face changes and emergency situations, and enabled them to continue to provide the best services, while ensuring the preservation of health and safety Society in these exceptional circumstances that the world is going through, and the preventive and preventive measures adopted by the state to confront and contain the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

His Excellency said that the spirit of the one team that is distinguished by the government of the UAE, and the integration of the roles of government agencies and the concerted efforts of them contributed to supporting the state’s orientations and enhancing its endeavors to ensure the provision of the best services to customers in their homes around the clock, praising the efforts of all government agencies from members of the committee and other bodies that were able to Record time for this achievement.

And he clarified that the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee is closely following all developments and changes that imposed this challenge, and it is ready to innovate and develop tools and mechanisms to ensure continued provision of the best services in order to achieve the safety of the UAE community, so that we can cross this stage successfully, God willing.

And the committee announced at its recent meeting – which was held remotely – the launch of a new set of services that included a directory of services “digital” for government services around the clock, activating the fleet of “delivery” to serve the elderly and people of determination, and a number of other initiatives that rely on the employment of innovative technology solutions And the advanced infrastructure in the UAE, which allows customers to obtain government services remotely, and guarantees their safety and health preservation in light of the state’s procedures to face the challenges of the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”.
At its last meeting, the committee stressed the intensification of efforts to implement all cabinet decisions, as it recently announced that owners of residencies and ID cards ending in fines would be exempted and given them until the end of this year to renew them.

The Committee reviewed the advantages and effectiveness of the unified and comprehensive platform for federal government services, which is provided through the portal of the UAE government ( and provides more than 180 smart government services provided by 34 federal agencies, in both Arabic and English, around the clock, and can be reached by phone Smart.

And the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee launched the first “digital” directory at the government level, providing the most requested federal government services around the clock, through digital links to various government applications in electronic stores, and the directory can be obtained through the portal of the UAE government, as the guide includes Smart links to the contact centers of the federal authorities in the country.

The committee adopted the “Connect” initiative to employ a vehicle fleet to serve people of determination and the elderly at the state level, without the need to visit service centers, to carry out government services related to identification documents, health procedures, and court procedures, and discussed granting temporary licenses to use digital transaction techniques to complete clerk’s transactions Equity is easy and easy, through the use of a remote meeting system.

The committee is monitoring the mechanism of the unified National Call Center “171’s communication”, to facilitate communication with customers, answer their inquiries, monitor their observations, and provide smart solutions to the challenges they face in obtaining the services of 34 government agencies, in addition to activating the communication feature through the WhatsApp application. For various inquiries and sending important documents and files to obtain the service.

The committee worked on developing a file for common questions asked by dealers, in order to enable them to obtain the information they are looking for easily and easily. The answers cover various areas of dealers’ interest, and the services that are most important and most related to their daily life, such as residency, visas, and others.

The Committee discussed the Cabinet’s decision to extend the permits of automatically ended residency permits and extend the validity of the ended federal government services, in addition to automatically renewing government services, provided that this period is considered an exceptional period for working with the expired documents while exempting them from financial violations and stopping the calculation of administrative fines for violations of the services of the Federal Identity Authority Nationality and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Members of the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee confirmed that the UAE government has been able, with the guidance of good leadership, to achieve unprecedented qualitative achievements in developing services and their delivery channels in a way that contributes to enhancing the quality of community life, and elevates the customer experience to advanced stages of government efficiency.

In their meeting, they stressed that the committee’s role and goal is to support the state’s efforts to protect society and achieve its safety with unprecedented government services, and that it continues its work to translate the visions of the UAE’s leadership and support efforts to meet the challenges that exist during this period, stressing that the future vision, readiness, and proactive solutions that The UAE government has worked on achieving it for a long time, which is characterized by flexibility and dependence on smart services, has helped support the national efforts necessary to cross this stage.

Mohamed bin Tali’a, Assistant Director General of Governmental Services at the Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the future head of the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee stressed that providing quality government services that rely on the latest technological means and smart digital platforms enhances the capabilities of society to meet challenges, and that reassuring all groups In all circumstances, it represents an essential goal and a hub for the UAE leadership’s directives that include facilitating and maintaining customer safety, and finding flexible and practical solutions to the various challenges they face in the current stage.

Ibn Talia said that the cabinet decisions at its last session constitute a framework for the committee’s work in the coming period, and a catalyst to intensify efforts and enhance integration between the various government agencies to provide integrated services that support the customer and facilitate his life, indicating that the rapid global developments associated with the emerging corona virus and the way the UAE government interacts With her, she demonstrated her high level of readiness through innovative, practical solutions that she had adopted since the beginning of the crisis.

Dr. Saif Juma Al Dhaheri, Director of Safety and Prevention Department at the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, stressed that the authority has made every effort to support state institutions, enhance national coordination, harmonize efforts at the federal and local levels, and engage the private sector in facing various challenges to prevent the “corona virus” (Covid-19) workshops were held to examine the technological readiness of institutions and schools in the country and their ability to respond, and to activate the “remote work” and “distance education” and business continuity system.

And he pointed out that the state is a pioneer in implementing business continuity programs, and the most flexible in providing basic services to community members, explaining that the Federal Government Services Continuity Committee contributed to enhancing the automation of all federal government services and a comprehensive smart transformation to meet the aspirations of community members and support national efforts in light of this challenge Global.

For his part, Brigadier Nasser Khadim Al-Kaabi, Director General of Happiness at the Ministry of Interior, affirmed that the Ministry has taken all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers, and called on the public through awareness campaigns to use the Ministry’s smart services, including the comprehensive service, “the police station in your phone”, and provided customers with the possibility Renewing the ownership of their expired vehicles through smart applications regardless of violations, seizures and traffic points, technical inspection, and renewing the expired driving license regardless of violations, points and consideration examination.

Al-Kaabi indicated that a comprehensive link has been made with the judicial authorities through the Federal Government Network (FEDNET) and the use of the visual communication system to visit inmates, and in criminal procedures and rooms have been equipped with visual communication systems to implement judicial procedures with the accused while he is in the penal and correctional institutions or detention centers Standby.
Nasser Al-Abdouli: 90% of identity services are “smart.”

For his part, Nasser Al-Abdouli, Director of the Support Center for Customer Happiness Centers at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, confirmed that within the framework of its plan to confront the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, it has taken a set of measures and measures that would contribute to facing this epidemic, as it temporarily suspended movement With the ID card for citizens and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries through entry and exit ports, and issued a decision to renew visitor and tourist visas for violators without any violations, and to extend the residencies ending to the end of 2020, as well as obtaining passports and renewing the identity through the smart application system Identity and nationality.

Al-Abdouli indicated that with regard to those who hold the country’s residency while abroad, coordination has been made with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in order to return them to the country as soon as possible and they have been invited to register on the “my presence” site and coordinate with the country’s embassies and consulates abroad, and for the contracted labor that has not Required documents are completed. Coordination has been made with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to find a solution and reduce the hassle of employers.

And he said that the authority is one of the first government agencies that adopt the application of smart services to provide its requests and services to customers, about 90% of its services have been converted to smart and adopted the speeds of smart transformation of services and the mechanism of work remotely for the employees of the authority to complete the system of precautionary measures taken at the national level to combat The virus, as all transactions are submitted via artificial intelligence through the system of application for identity and nationality digitally, has been allocated 14 communication channels for customers working around the clock in order to facilitate them and respond to their inquiries.

Aisha, literally, the assistant undersecretary for assistive labor affairs in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said that the ministry has worked to convert all of its services into smart services provided through the website and smart applications, without the need to visit service centers, and it has intensified awareness and marketing operations that contribute to increasing awareness and demand It has to complete the transactions electronically.

She added that the Ministry has developed a set of financial and administrative support packages for establishments and workers and granted them facilities to obtain internal work permits to meet the needs of enterprises from employment during the period of suspension of granting visas,

And delivery services were launched to complete the transactions of senior citizens and people of determination and the necessary services for customers, so that the customer is reached to complete the service at the time and place he determines without counting any additional fees, in addition to launching the National Call Center 171, to enhance communication with customers and answer their inquiries, which contributes to Improving the quality of services provided to them.
Awad Sagheer Al-Ketbi, the assistant undersecretary for the support services sector in the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, stressed the continuation of work to develop electronic health services according to indicators of smart government capabilities, around the clock to enable customers to complete their transactions remotely and without interruption, in a way that guarantees their safety, and supports the state’s efforts to face challenges Corona virus emerging (Covid-19) and reducing its effects on all sectors, in addition to enhancing awareness among customers and calling them to achieve the maximum benefit from smart services platforms.

Al-Ketbi said that the ministry has worked to convert 23 priority administrative services to 100% electronic, by developing innovative business tools and smart services in the past years that keep pace with all variables and conditions by integrating digital technologies and smart applications, and improving the quality and efficiency of services provided by the ministry in The field of digitizing health services, providing automation solutions and managing health data in accordance with the best international practices.

He pointed to the Ministry’s strategy in developing health information systems and applying global standards in infrastructure management in health facilities, and ensuring that all administrative services are provided in accordance with quality, efficiency and transparency standards, in accordance with the government’s tendency to provide electronic and smart services to facilitate the transactions of citizens and residents around the clock non-stop and with the usual efficiency.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Al-Mazrouei, Assistant Undersecretary for Consular Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that the Ministry has taken the necessary measures to ensure the smooth flow of business under the current conditions and precautionary measures to confront the new Corona virus “Covid-19” by providing a set of smart services that contribute to simplifying Procedures and facilitating them for customers.

Al Mazrouei added that the Ministry closed the happiness centers for customers, while ensuring the continuity of providing all its services through smart channels and the website of the ministry, including the authentication service of documents, where the customer submits the service request through the ministry’s website and then communication With Emirates Post to receive the document, and after completing the certification process, the document is returned to the customer via Emirates Post.

Abdullah Al-Majid, assistant undersecretary for support services at the Ministry of Justice, said that the ministry announced a set of decisions and initiatives aimed at ensuring the application of best practices in order to reduce the emerging corona virus and provide the best government services at a distance, the most important of which is to issue a guide to labor policies that includes a detailed implementation of the procedures Relates to judicial requests.

He added that the guide recommended that no requests be received except through the smart justice system for all categories of customers and to set temporary controls for organizing work in courts and executive cases in a manner consistent with litigation mechanisms and the system of remote sessions at all stages of litigation, starting with registration in the case management offices and the reconciliation, reconciliation and guidance departments The family and communicate with all parties to the lawsuit remotely.

And he explained that the ministry launched an interactive platform for legal advice that brings together lawyers and dealers all over the country and applied best practices in distance education at the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies and provided the service of the remote marriage contract and the services of the notary public remotely, and relied on not receiving any From requests, except through electronic and smart means, and video communication systems have been applied between all federal courts and all police sectors.

On his part, Nasser Ismail, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Welfare Affairs in the Ministry of Community Development, affirmed the ministry’s commitment to fully adhere to the principles of continuity and flexibility in providing government services during emergency events, based on qualitative achievements made through the website, smart applications, “blockchain” and “chatbot” programs. According to the objectives of the government services continuity and resiliency committee, and with a proactive vision that guarantees services to all sectors of society.

Ismail said that “distance learning” has been applied in centers of people of determination and “remote work” for all Ministry employees, while employees are located in centers of happiness of dealers with no more than 30% in order to avoid receiving customers as much as possible after directing them to use electronic and smart services in addition to innovation A smart mechanism regarding “periodic updating” of the beneficiaries of social security, fully adopting electronic documents, and activating a set of visual technical programs to achieve the services. The ministry also launched several community development initiatives “remotely” in response to the current circumstances.
For his part, Eng. Mohamed Al-Zarouni, Director of Policies and Programs Department at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, said that the authority extended working hours in the call centers to be from Saturday to Thursday, while keeping the service centers open within the safety preservation procedures followed by the center’s staff communicating with customers via The Microsoft Teams program, and the authority turned its daily work into a remote work system, took all the necessary training, qualification and guarantee of technical and technical support, and the experience culminated with great success.

He added that within the authority’s role in enabling digital transformation at the government level, it made many contributions, such as awareness campaigns based on social media channels, and providing the necessary scope to enable other parties to implement remote work, distance learning as well as visual communication applications in cooperation with service providers and published List of approved stores for remote shopping to facilitate physical distance.
He explained that the authority provided a large number of virtual courses through the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Academy and made it available free of charge to employees and members of society, and added within its administration of the state portal (U.AE) a pillar that includes all the necessary information about the Corona virus, and another corner for government services that are digitally available over the course of the clock.

In turn, Adnan Naseeb Salem, Executive Director of Shared Services at the Federal Electricity and Water Authority, said that it is in line with the precautionary and preventive measures that the UAE government is pursuing to preserve the health and safety of customers and society, the authority has enhanced the quality of its electronic services available to customers and called them to complete their transactions and provide for priority services represented by In payment, requests for delivery, activation of the service, clearance of acquittal, approval of plans, and the absence of services in the land through electronic channels and smart applications for the Authority.

And he added that the authority allowed customers to apply for the rest of the services through the e-mail to the Happiness Centers, explaining that the “service activation” service is one of the services that have been submitted through smart channels since March 25, 2020 at 2623 transactions, followed by the clearance service about 1675, a transaction, and the authority extended the working hours at the call center in order to provide the best service for customers and to receive their inquiries and observations on the services provided.

It is worth noting that the Federal Electricity and Water Authority began implementing the initiative launched by the UAE government to reduce electricity bills by 20% for a period of three months for subscribers from shopping malls, shops, hotels, hotel apartments and factories registered with the authority and to postpone the collection of delivery fee installments for these categories by 6 months, and sent messages Text for all beneficiaries of this initiative.

For his part, Youssef Al Khajah, Executive Director of the retail sector in Emirates Post Group said that Emirates Post has activated a number of measures to ensure the safety of employees and customers alike by implementing sterilization operations on an ongoing basis in all centers, sorting centers, vehicles and shipments, in addition to providing the necessary electronic support for work Remotely for a number of administrative employees, activating touchless deliveries and providing free delivery service for shipments to senior citizens and people of determination.

And he added that as for smart services through the Emirates Post website, the service of renewing the subscription of individuals and companies in the mailbox, and the service of registering, renewing or canceling licenses for commercial delivery companies has been included, and customers can also get the services of “Express” and “Premium” for local delivery and ” بريميوم” الدولية التي يتم حجزها مسبقا عبر الإنترنت وطلب استلام البريد مباشرة في المنازل مقابل رسوم رمزية من خلال التحدث مع موظفينا في مركز الاتصال.

كان مجلس الوزراء قد اعتمد برئاسة صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم نائب رئيس الدولة رئيس مجلس الوزراء حاكم دبي “رعاه الله” ، تشكيل لجنة استمرارية الخدمات الحكومية الاتحادية، لتتولى الإشراف على تطبيق مبادئ الاستمرارية والمرونة في الخدمات الحكومية، والرد على استفسارات الجهات، إضافة إلى الإشراف على جاهزية الجهات الاتحادية لاستمرارية العمل وتقديم خدماتها في ظل التحديات الطارئة المرتبطة بالحد من آثار فيروس كورونا المستجد والتصدي له.



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