Google wins the battle with Fortnite … the most famous game finally returns to Google


Epic Games announced today that its most popular game, Fortnite, will finally be available for download through the Google store, after players had previously had to download it from the APIC store, or download it from another source.

IPIC rocked the gaming market more than 18 months ago when it refused to release an Android version of its popular game, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” on Google Store, in order to avoid paying the “store tax” to Google, which amounts to 30%.

With this decision, the gaming company was able to collect 15 million downloads of the game on Android in just 21 days without the help of Google. But now that Google has made adjustments to its security system, APIC has abandoned its fight, and made Fortnite available on the Google store.

The APEC statement – published by Business Insider – notes that it made the change reluctantly.

IPIC said it believed that Google puts it and other programs downloaded outside its store in an “inappropriate position”, accusing Google of targeting users with “frightening and frequent pop-ups about security measures” to warn users of third-party software.

Google uses these measures to deter users from downloading malware, but APEC says this has a negative impact on legitimate applications such as its own.

Fortnite’s placement on the Google Play Store means that APEC will now have to pay 30% of the money it earns from Google’s in-app purchases. Last year, 9to5Google stated that APIC had tried to allow Google to enter its store without paying the tax, but Google had not agreed.

“APIC” CEO Tim Sweeney called on Google “to review its policies and commercial transactions in the near future, so that all developers have free access to customers and engage in trade with them on the Android system through open services, including payment services.”

Just last month, Google launched an advanced protection program for Android phones, which prevents side-loaded applications such as Fortnite from accessing Android systems. This subscription program is based on an anti-virus program that was launched in 2017.


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