Google Meet update offers the highest quality video sharing feature with support for up to 16 subscribers


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Google started pushing new updates for G Suite users, and through this update it offers advantages for Meet app users to improve the user experience.

The new Google Meet app update now supports users to share the highest quality video with audio, with a tab in the Chrome browser.

Google also adds the ability to display 16 people at the same time on the screen in the Google Meet app, by coordinating the format of the box that supports users in viewing participants in the classroom or meetings at the same time.

This update can provide better support for users with video sharing with audio content that comes with higher efficiency and audio quality, so this feature differs from the same feature provided in other applications, which provide the audio intermittently in the videos, or is not synchronized with the video.

Also, the tab in Chrome browser can support the user in a quick video sharing via the browser, and it is a feature that supports users in meetings, and presentations to quickly share the video with the participants, or share GIF files.

The tab for G Suite users will appear today, while Google will gradually start to feature 16 subscribers until May 1.


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