Goodbye, Zoom. How do you create a “video room” via the new Facebook feature?


As of Friday, Facebook launched a new feature that allows users to video chat via virtual “rooms” that accommodate up to 50 people, in a move aimed at competing with the widespread Zoom application.

The feature, dubbed “Messenger Rooms”, will start in some countries this week, and in the rest of the world in the coming weeks, including the United States.

People who create the room or host will need a Facebook account and can start the conversation via Messenger or Facebook, while people who do not have accounts can join the conversation if they are invited.

Chat time will be open unlike in Zoom that forces users to end it after 40 minutes in free versions.

Conversations can also be made more entertaining by using AI-powered wallpapers to suggest that users are located near a beach, mountains or soccer fields, and filters can also be added to enhance the home space.

To use this feature, you must follow the following steps:

Firstly: Update the Facebook Messenger app to make sure you are using the latest version to access the new feature.

Secondly: Open the app and go to the chat page, and then choose to create a new room.


The room can be created through the Facebook Messenger application

The room can be created through the Facebook Messenger application

Third: The user can specify the activity of the room, such as the study, for example, and also can organize privacy settings and specify who can join as well as the time the conversation starts.

Fourthly: Go to the “Invitation” page and decide who can attend.

Fifth: Once in conversation, it will be displayed on your chat page so you can easily gather the same people next time.

With regard to safety measures, only the user who created the room will be able to control it and limit the number of joiners or who can see, lock and open the room for new guests, and also expel those who do not abide by the rules.


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