Good news for women about capturing Corona infection … most victims are men


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While the latest data from the countries in which it appeared Corona virus emerging Even today, the largest number of its victims are men, health experts have declared their belief that sexual differences play an important role in the issue of catching infection.

In details, the Italian Ministry of Health figures confirmed that about 70% of those who died from Covid-19 caused by the virus are men, and studies conducted on people living with the virus in China also indicated that the number of its victims is more men than women, since the virus first appeared Once last December.

Even with other viruses from the Corona family, such as SARS and MERS, studies have found that the majority of the victims were men.

Researchers at the Miami Miller University / College of Medicine estimate that men around the world are three times more likely to be hospitalized as a result of the current illness, according to the Washington Post.

this is a reason!

However, some scientists believe that the reason behind the high incidence of infection among men in China with the current disease is smoking, because the proportion of male smokers in China is much higher, and according to a World Health Organization study conducted in 2019, 47.6% of Chinese men smoke, compared to only 1.8% Of women.

The same may apply to Italy. There are seven million smokers and 4.5 million smokers.


In turn, health experts reported that smoking reduces the body’s ability to fight infectious diseases. Moreover, there is a certain receptor that helps the new coronavirus enter cells, as this receptor is more present in smokers.

Other habits

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal pointed out that social habits linked to men, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, increase the chance of suffering from diseases such as lung cancer and heart attacks, as well as the new disease.

Another reason, according to some perceptions, is that more men are present in the labor market, and some scientists in Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease outbreak in China, have speculated that the spread of the virus among men there may be related to their domination of the workforce professions, which means that they are closer to the local market where it is believed that The disease has passed from an unspecified “type” to humans.


Dr. Marcia Stefanek, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, told the newspaper that the immune system of a woman is stronger than a man, which means that the woman interacts better with vaccines and gets rid of infection in an easier way, due to her opinion that the woman during pregnancy, her body is accustomed to fighting viruses and bacteria. For a period of 9 months, a woman carries a different DNA, she must be protected, that is, the DNA of the fetus, so her body is practicing to resist external attacks, as she put it.

Also, the chromosomes that a woman carries are also stronger than a man’s chromosomes. The chromosome is 3 times larger than the Y chromosome, which means that women have more genes associated with strengthening their immune system.

It is noteworthy that the world was breaking the million mark, infected with Corona virus, Thursday, while half of the planet’s population is under isolation.

America and Europe are still in a hated race entitled “The number of injuries”, while new countries have joined the embargo and isolation measures, including Russia, and those who lost their lives due to the virus have exceeded fifty thousand either from complications of infection or from a deficiency of health systems.


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