Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today, Sunday 19-4-2020


We publish the prices of Saudi gold today, Sunday 19-4-2020, today, as the price of “24 carat” gold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached about 203.85 Saudi riyals.

The gold prices today in Saudi Arabia’s financial markets in Saudi riyals are as follows:

The price of 24 carat gold

About 203.85 riyals, equivalent to 54.26 $

The price of 22 carat gold

About 186.86 riyals, equivalent to 49.74 $

The price of 21 carat gold

About 37. 178 riyals, equivalent to 47.48 $

The price of 18 carat gold

About 152.89 riyals, equivalent to 40.70 $

14k gold price

About 118.91 riyals, equivalent to 31.65 $

The price of gold 12 carat

About 101.92 riyals, equivalent to 27.13 $

Gold price per ounce

About 6,340 riyals, equivalent to 1,688 $

The price of a pound of gold

About 1,427 riyals, or 379.83 $

The price of a kilo of gold

About 203,845 riyals, equivalent to 54,260 $

Gold is considered an investment alternative in times of political and financial uncertainty. On the trade front, investors are awaiting further developments regarding the one-stage agreement between the two largest economies in the world.

Here, we find that gold prices are at their highest levels, as the yellow metal received support from weak economic data from the United States and concerns about a temporary trade agreement between the United States and China.

Adding to the fears, Canada’s economy contracted, contrary to the expected 0.1% last October, marking the first monthly decline since February, including among them a strike in the American auto sector, which negatively affected manufacturing, which was reflected in gold prices.


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