Girls accompanied by businessmen on a private plane to break the corona stone!


The authorities in France indicated that they brought back a private plane with a group of young businessmen traveling to Cannes, defying the closure linked to the Coronavirus.From London, the plane carried seven men, all in their forties and fifties, and three women in their mid-twenties, where a Croatian citizen organized the trip.

The police were waiting at the French airport of Marseille-Provence to return the plane to the take-off airport before any passenger could get off, and the police asked the plane not to land, but defied its orders and landed.Three helicopters were waiting for the passengers to take them to a villa in Cannes, but the police removed the helicopters and did not allow the passengers to be transported.

A policeman told the Daily Mail that the Croatian citizen addressed them: “I have money, so let’s talk.” He tried to persuade the police, saying he was “looking forward to recreation, with his friends and young escorts.”

The policeman added: “He said that they will all go to the villa and close their doors and there will be no problem, but it was clear that it was a recreational trip, and according to containment measures, this is strictly prohibited.”The standoff on the runway lasted for three hours before the police could return most of them to London. One of them traveled to Berlin.

“They might have thought it would be only a fine and then they would complete their path, but things didn’t go that way,” a police official told


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