Germany: Isolation measures are beginning to produce results … “Corona’s spread is slowing”


The head of the Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases in Germany announced Friday that isolation measures imposed in the country are beginning to produce results by slowing the spread of the new Krona virus.

“We see that the spread of the virus is slowing, and we see that it succeeds,” Lothar Feller said at a press conference, stressing at the same time the need to “keep” the restrictions.

He explained that since several days, no one infected with the virus can cause the infection, except for one person on average, noting that this rate of infection “seems to be stabilizing.”

In the past weeks, five or seven people have been infected with one person infected with Covid-19 virus.

He continued: “If this percentage falls below one, then the epidemic will begin to decline, and this is our goal.”

He said: “I hope we will reach that stage in the coming days,” noting that to achieve this, isolation measures must be adhered to.

Germany has not imposed strict restrictions as in France or Italy, but all schools and most stores are closed. Everyone was asked to stay home when possible, while gatherings of more than two people in public places were banned until at least April 19.

The director of the institute emphasized that the population must, more than ever, adhere to strict restrictions, hygiene rules and strict social separation.

He also indicated that wearing a mask can “reduce the risk of injury to other people”, although the person wearing the mask “will not be protected.”

According to the latest official outcome of the Koch Institute, the largest economy in Europe is now 79,696 official cases and 1017 deaths.

He warned that the number of deaths might increase, and that he was certainly “less” than the actual number, although Germany, despite the death rate of 1.2%, is still facing a health crisis better than the neighboring European countries.

“This is linked to the fact that everyone cannot be examined,” said Villiers.

Countries fight with each other on the Chinese gags

Also, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Friday that there are indications that the rate of new infections with the Coruna virus has begun to stabilize.

Span said during a visit to a company working in the distribution of medical protective equipment that his country has already acquired 1500 new respirators, which are necessary to treat critical cases infected with the emerging coronavirus. He added that these devices will be in clinics this month.

He noted that efforts to increase the number of intensive care beds available in recent days have resulted in 40 percent of them now ready to receive patients.

He noted that the agencies responsible for procurement in the countries of the world are “fighting” with each other to obtain Chinese-made masks, due to the increase in global demand. He said that there is room for further European cooperation in manufacturing protective masks.

In response to a question about the United States purchasing shipments of gags that had already been bought by other countries, Span said: “We hear stories about people literally fighting over gags in China. This is not a good development, but it reflects the strength of demand.”

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