Germany heralds near treatment for the epidemic .. and fines for converts


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Although more than a thousand deaths were recorded in the country with the Corona virus, the German Health Minister revealed a glimmer of hope soon. The Minister, Jans Young, announced that there are indications that some of the specific medications show benefits in treating patients with the emerging virus. He added in comments Friday that a treatment available for Corona would be put on the market much sooner than the vaccine.

He said: The development of a more complex vaccine, we have known malaria medicine for years, we know its effects and side effects. We must weigh these side effects before we decide to use it in the treatment of Corona patients. He also added: The vaccine needs several months to develop.

However, he stressed at the same time that studies should be available as soon as possible. At the same time, he warned that all medicines may have side effects.

It is noteworthy that Germany is currently, like many European countries and America, experiments on several drugs, including one used to treat people with malaria and chloroquine.

500 euros for violators of spacing

On a related issue to combat the epidemic, which the World Health Organization described as the worst health crisis facing the modern world, the German authorities announced the imposition of a financial fine, which may reach 500 euros (540 dollars), starting from Friday on citizens in the event they stand near each other, and their lack of respect for measures Determined by the authorities as part of their response to the emerging virus.

And instructed German Chancellor Angela Merkel To citizens not to leave their homes except in cases of extreme necessity, such as shopping from grocery stores, exercising and visiting doctors.

From Berlin (March 30, 2020 - Reuters)
From Berlin (March 30, 2020 – Reuters)

It is noteworthy that it prohibits the gathering of more than two people together in the country, and it is necessary to stay a distance of at least one and a half meters from the others at all times, while the local authorities can impose fines against violators, which, according to officials in Berlin, may reach 500 euros.

Local authorities made similar announcements in the sixteen provinces in Germany. The Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia provinces imposed a fine of two hundred euros on each gathering of more than two people.

Bavaria, Germany’s largest province, is hardest hit by the Covid-19 virus, with over 18,000 infections recorded. Those who do not maintain a distance of one and a half meters from the other are subjected to a fine of 150 euros.

From Germany (AFP)
From Germany (AFP)

Citizens standing away from each other became a common sight in front of major grocery stores and German pharmacies, with a number of them placing a tape to determine where customers should stand. However, the police report several violations.

It is noteworthy that Germany has recorded more than 79 thousand cases of emerging corona, according to the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control. 1017 people have died so far.


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