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General / Saudi newspapers / first addition

Sunday 26/8/1441 AH corresponding to 04/1920 A.D.

The newspapers focused on many files and issues in local, Arab, regional and international affairs.
The newspaper “Al-Riyadh” explained in its editorial that came under the title (“The Pride of Pride”): The Kingdom bears its full political, economic and humanitarian responsibility towards the emerging Corona pandemic, and casts its weight to mitigate its repercussions and eliminate them with the least possible losses, this responsibility is not limited to the borders of the country and the circle of citizens and residents and the perimeter of the economy Not only national, but also the whole world.
It was fate that the Kingdom assume the presidency of the current session of the Twentieth Economic Summit, in conjunction with the emergence of the Corona virus in the world, and the Kingdom did not hesitate to take responsibility for this presidency with all its details and requirements, which prompted the country’s leaders to find international programs and initiatives to deal quickly and wisely with the crisis in All its developments.
And she continued: In a very early period of the Corona crisis, the Kingdom realized that the world would enter a dark and dangerous tunnel that threatens the lives of people and lurks on global economies, just as it realized that each country is preoccupied with healing its wounds and reaping its daily losses due to the crisis, and consequently the international coordination was absent, and contacts were frozen to confront the virus and prevent Its spread, and immediately the Kingdom – as the Chair of the Group of Twenty – moved stagnant water and called for a “hypothetical” meeting at the level of leaders to study the developments of the situation, and at this summit, and in front of the world, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques demanded the countries of the twenties to assume their responsibilities in the face of a pandemic Corona called, may God protect him, to define mechanisms to deal with the crisis and eliminate it before its escalation, and the leaders ’summit was followed by another similar meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of Twenty, with the aim of coordinating efforts in facing the virus, and agreeing on a road map to implement the commitments of the group leaders’ summit.
She stated: Within the Kingdom’s responsibilities as well, the Kingdom surprised the world with a generous donation of $ 500 million to support international efforts to address the Corona pandemic. This donation supports the efforts of international organizations specialized in enhancing preparedness and response to emergency situations, developing and distributing diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines, and ensuring availability Sufficient supplies of preventive equipment for health sector workers, and this amount is added to another $ 10 million donation from the Kingdom to the World Health Organization, to help find a vaccine for the virus.
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