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General / Saudi newspapers / A third and final addition to the Saudi News Agency


General / Saudi newspapers / a third and final addition

Wednesday 8/8/1441 AH corresponding to 04/01/2020 CE

The newspaper “Today” reported in its editorial entitled (Where are billions of Khamenei?): The Iranian regime continues to follow the chapters of the play of international sympathy with the help of the Corona pandemic in order to evade American sanctions, which is not surprising to the system that is used to resorting to all kinds of fraud, circumvention of facts and forgery The facts aim to evade any decisions or positions that obstruct his progress in his malicious plans and dark projects aimed at sowing chaos, destabilizing the countries of the region and threatening their security and innocent lives in them, while Iran remains through the Revolutionary Guards and the terrorist militias that come He will receive all material and logistical support from him in order to proceed with those plans that he undertakes to implement these gangs and terrorist groups in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria, which drains the funds of the Iranian government, which was supposed to be harnessed in these critical times and difficult conditions to save their citizens who have spread Including the Corona virus as a wildfire spread without the regime moving a finger while watching the victims of the epidemic in a continuous multiplication and the number of injuries and deaths increasing daily, and perhaps the last chapters of the Iranian sympathy play is what was mentioned by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in tweet p To his account on Twitter, he has not witnessed throughout history such ugly employment of a humanitarian catastrophe for revenge, and spreading hatred and hatred and electoral exploitation as the current American president and his team do, these allegations by Zarif found a response revealing the extent of its shallowness, weak argument, and lack of management by a spokeswoman for the State Department. American Morgan Ortagos, who said she addressed her speech to Zarif, stopped lying and stopped stealing, adding that if the Iranian regime wanted to obtain funding to deal with Corona, it could get billions from Khamenei’s tax-free fund, it is not sanctions, it is the system, it will not The matter was crowned with further consideration in the speeches of the US State Department to conclude the truth. The issue is now open, and the most important question is “Where are billions of Khamenei?” And which previous reports stated that the Iranian guide gets from huge allocations in the annual budget that goes to the guide’s office and his private office and its affiliated institutions, and that has a budget in the billions of the general budget, which is not compatible with the reality of the Iranian people who have suffered poverty and scarcity of resources since The arrival of this regime more than forty years ago, and its suffering is evident in its sad situation today in a losing battle with Corona because the Iranian regime still believes that these billions must be harnessed in the service of sabotage projects and financing their terrorist militias.
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