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General / Saudi newspapers / A third addition to the Saudi News Agency


General / Saudi newspapers / a third addition

Monday 9/4/1441 AH corresponding to 27/27/2020 A.M.

The newspaper “Al-Bilad” explained in its editorial, which came under the title (Comprehensive Confrontation): Yesterday, a partial easing of the curfew measures was initiated with the setting of controls, at a time when the Kingdom is launching a specific stage to confront the Corona pandemic, in implementation of the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince – may God protect them – Quickly providing the examinations, reagents, devices, supplies and medicines needed to tackle the new Corona virus, as the Kingdom and China signed a contract approaching the value of one billion riyals to provide an examination for nine million people in the Kingdom, including all devices and supplies, and a team of hundreds of Chinese specialists and technicians, and inch E six large laboratories distributed areas, including a mobile laboratory capacity of 10 thousand a day screening and training of cadres Saudi Arabia.
She continued: This advanced step embodies the leadership’s eagerness to achieve the comprehensiveness of care and health protection through the completion of a complete network of field checks, auditing and ensuring their quality, in addition to analyzing and providing large quantities of devices, drugs and medical supplies needed, which indicates qualitative progress in two important tracks, the first of which is support The current preventive health care, and the second is to achieve a scientific strategy for community health, present and future, by registering the genetic map and analyzing the immunological map in the community, which will have a great impact to support the state’s plans, not only in combating this pandemic, but access to management A scientific introduction and pillar within the Kingdom, as well as enhancing its contribution to international efforts to face health challenges.
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