Geagea: The first ‘non-reformist’ signals that this government issued were what leaked from the financial appointments


The Lebanese Forces Party Chairman, Samir Geagea, tweeted on his Twitter account by saying: “The time the country is sinking more and more into its financial and economic crisis, and the time the Lebanese, as the outside, are awaiting a reform program by the government as a positive sign to obtain some external assistance to restore the limit The least confidence of the Lebanese state in order for the economic cycle to return to an acceptable situation, as we are surprised that the first “non-reform” signals issued by this government are what leaked from the financial appointments in the governance of the Banque du Liban, the Banking Supervision Committee and the Financial Markets Authority.
Geagea added: “These three bodies play an important role by resetting the financial situation, especially after all that we went through and going through, so the result is that the expected appointments are far from every technique and every efficiency and a spirit of reform, and the reason: look for the uncomfortable trio, as long as it is held And hold on to power, as long as we do not hope for anything better. “
He continued: “It remains that we will continue in our efforts to highlight all facts and facts in front of public opinion in order to carry out the desired change at the first opportunity to allow it.”


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