Gartner: Global semiconductor revenue fell 0.9%


Global semiconductor sector revenue is expected to decrease by 0.9% in 2020 due to the impact of the emerging Corona Covid 19 virus on supply and demand levels on semiconductors, according to Global Studies and Research Institute Gartner. This percentage is lower than the previous quarter’s expectations, which indicated that the sector grew by 12.5%.

In this context, Richard Gordon, Vice President of Research at Gartner said: “The widespread spread of the Corona virus around the world and the strict measures that governments are taking to contain the high prevalence of the virus will have a more severe impact on demand levels compared to what was initially expected. To be even worse for this year, however, the growth in semiconductor sales for the memory sector could prevent a sharp drop in revenue for the entire semiconductor sector. ”

Global semiconductor revenue projections were lowered overall in 2020 compared to what had been expected in the previous quarter by $ 55 billion, to decline to $ 415.4 billion (see Table 1). The total expected growth of the market in 2020 will decrease from 12.5%, to decrease by 0.9%, with expectations for a decrease in semiconductor revenues for the processor sector by 6.1%, and semiconductor growth for the memory sector by 13.9%.

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