Game of Thrones star awaits its first child .. and reveals the gender of the newborn! (photo)


Icelandic actor “Hafthor Julius Bjornsson” announced that he and his wife, “Kelsey Hanson” are waiting for their first child, and shared the good news with their followers on social media.
Game Of Thrones star posted a series of photos of his beloved wife through his account on “Instagram”, where “Casey Hanson” stuck to a huge black balloon while he was preparing to detonate him with a small needle in order to reveal the gender of their baby, and in the second picture, it is clear that they are waiting for a male child.

In other shots, the duo swap kisses in front of a group of friends who witnessed the wonderful moment, and above the blue paper scraps.
“Mountain” commented, “Move to the right to see the gender of my thumbnail.”
It is mentioned that the difference in height between the two spouses reaches 42.58 cm, the length of “The Mountain” reaches 2.06 m, while the bride Kelsey reaches 157.48 m, as her head barely reaches the bottom of the ox’s shoulder.

One of the funny things about the duo of different lengths is the way they got to know each other, as happened in the romantic movies, as the actor was in one of the nightclubs in Canada, and Kelsey was working in it, and after she saw the size and size of the star, I asked him for a memorial photo, so that the matter between them turns into love And grams, crowned with marriage last Saturday.

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