From what age is the threat of Corona virus increasing? Our Life – Features


“The elderly are more vulnerable to Covid-19.” This message has been repeated since the beginning of the health crisis, a fact reflected in the statistics, but it must nevertheless examine the actual effects of the virus on the health of the elderly.

But from what age do we become “threatened” with this disease? Can age be used as a standard for stone?

The World Health Organization considered that «the threat of exposure to the most serious form of the disease gradually increases with age, starting at the age of 40».

The most vulnerable group identified those aged over 60 (in addition to those suffering from chronic diseases).

But the UK has set a 70-year threshold to determine who are recommended to adhere to a strict healthy quarantine.

Nevertheless, data published since the outbreak of the epidemic show an additional threat from the age of 60.

A study published on March 31 in “The Lancet” magazine estimated the death rate for Chinese people between the ages of 60 and 69 to be 4%, compared to 1.4% for the total infected.

This percentage remains lower than that of the 70 (8.6%) and those over 80 (13.4%).

The National Academy of Medicine in France notes that “the age cannot be reduced to the number of years.” The Foundation considers that these “definitive statistical data” represent, above all, a reflection of the most common health problems with age.




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