French Sports Minister: It makes sense to cancel the season


French Sports Minister Roxana Marchignano said in a radio interview that it “makes sense” for the local soccer association, which meets on Thursday, to take the decision to cancel the 2019-2020 season, expressing regret that professional football lacks “sympathy”, in light of the Corona virus crisis.

“The signal that the prime minister made is clear and simple. We expect sports agencies to shoulder their responsibilities, just like us,” Marchignano told RTL radio.

The Minister of Sport’s speech came in response to Tuesday’s decision by the French government to freeze sports activity until next September due to the outbreak of the “Covid 19” epidemic.

The League was hoping to return to the resumption of the matches as of June 17 in order to end the season on July 25, but its plans were hit hard when the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, declared that football matches should not be allowed even without an audience.

The association thus found itself facing “the worst scenario”, according to what more than one club president announced, because that means the final cessation of the league and it is now necessary to plan to return to the activity in August, most likely to start a new season, as indicated by the Minister of Sports to “AFP”.

The French League will hold a preliminary meeting today, Thursday, to discuss developments after the government decision, before another board meeting is held to formally decide the fate of the league.

The association must decide whether to end the current season during the summer as some suggest and start a new season starting in January 2021, or start the 2020-2021 season that was scheduled to start before the Corona crisis on August 7

The head of the French Federation Noel Le Great was very clear when he decided for the website of the newspaper “Telegram” the final “stop” for the current season in the first, second and third grades, in addition to the first-degree women’s league pending the final decision of the League, and said in this regard “first and second-class patrols” And the third for men and the first degree for women by virtue of discontinued. ”

However, Lyon club president Jean-Michel Olas had a different opinion by telling “France Prince” that he had not lost hope that a solution could be found to end the current season.

“We have to do everything to find an alternative solution” that will allow the end of the 2019-2020 season to end, he added, noting that he “does not see a final reading” of the French government’s decisions.

Starting a new season would allow the transfer rights to be activated with Mediapro, but that would cast doubt on the Champions League, because the UEFA intends to complete its season during the month of August, according to a report obtained by a copy of it by Agence France-Presse.

But the issue of adopting the criteria in the event of the end of the season would create an atmosphere of tension between the various club heads who have entered into verbal records since the league stopped in mid-March about the most appropriate scenario to be adopted.

According to Marchignano, “A decision must be taken. The resumption of (this season) in August contradicts what was proposed by the Prime Minister and the government, and even the president of the federation that reminds you is the first official in French football.”

In response to the desire of some to complete the season, like Olas, Marchinho stressed, “Everyone, at all levels, must show solidarity. In professional sports, this was not the case (there was no solidarity) from the start. We saw TV companies saying: No , We will not give the money due for the games that have been played. ”

And she continued: “We saw club officials looking for each one of them in their favor and we saw players who do not seem to care much about their work environment, with the people who work around them so that sport can continue and survive. There is a need for sympathy, not to think of ourselves only, and this did not happen in Professional football. “

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