French scientists discover the degree of “annihilation” of coronaviruses


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French scientists discover the degree of “annihilation” of coronaviruses, today, Friday, April 17, 2020 08:47 in the morning

In the laboratory, French scientists determined the temperature that completely eliminates the coronavirus (corona).

A group of French scientists from the University of Provence found that the Coronavirus completely dies when exposed to a temperature of 92 degrees for 15 minutes.

The site “bioRxiv” that the researchers during this experiment heated the coronavirus to 60 degrees for an hour, and noted that after this exposure some of its strains are still able to reproduce.

And heating up to 60 degrees for an hour, is an approved measurement in most scientific laboratories, for virus annihilation.

However, the complete elimination of the Corona virus occurred only after it was subjected to a temperature of 92 degrees for 15 minutes.

In the experiment, French scientists used the kidney cells of African green monkeys infected with a strain of coronavirus.

The affected cells were placed in two test tubes, the first with a clean medium, and the other with proteins of animal origin, which simulated real conditions, not sterile.

After standard heating (60 degrees), viral strains were completely eliminated in the completely clean environment, but in the other, non-sterile sample, some were still alive.

The researchers concluded that the standard protocol for sterilization (60 degrees) may be sufficient to sterilize samples with low viral weight, that is, from the number of viruses. However, this standard heat may not be sufficient for samples containing a large number of viruses.

The owners of the experiment confirmed that the results of their research will contribute to selecting the most appropriate measurements for sterilization of viruses, in order to avoid the risk of infecting medical teams dealing directly with the samples.

Source: Novosti

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