Freeing of the wife of a victim of the crime of Sofer (video)


The head of the High Penal Court, Judge Nadine Abu Alwan, agreed to release the nights of Al-Sayegh (without a financial guarantee), which was arrested for the crime of fraud and a violation of the Banking Law, after her attorney, Ashraf Al-Musawi, submitted a request to cancel or mitigate the release guarantee that was limited to twenty million Lire.

The evacuated husband, Maher Al-Sayegh, was killed two days ago in the Soufar locality, after his relative, G.S. He was shot due to financial disputes.

The wife of the murdered man (the released man) had entered the prison with Jamal on the same charges, and when the latter left the prison before her, he got shapes and sleeves with her husband, so he killed him.

In the attached video, the moment the wife arrives at her home after her release.


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