Frankly, the site of the stars – special – Jihad Akl in “Show Sayer Halcon” as you have not seen it before


The violinist Lebanese artist Jihad Akl released a special song called “Show Sayer in Halcon,” the words of Nazarfrans, composed and executed by Jihad Akel, inspired by the Corona crisis sweeping the world, leaving behind hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries.

And under the title “The reality is the Corona Virus …
The content is divine discipline, ”“ Aqel ”released a video clip that included scenes
From the Vatican Square, free from visitors due to Corona, also the evacuation of the circumambulation grounds in
The Sacred Mosque in Mecca, as a precautionary measure taken by Saudi Arabia to prevent an outbreak
Corona virus, as well as clips of empty streets of people, and pictures of people praying
And deliver their mercy to their Lord.

It is interesting that Jihad Akl, known for his wonderful play
On the violin, I like to add something special to the artwork by performing an excerpt with his voice
It was signed by the distinguished poet Nizar Francis who wrote words that go straight to the heart.

The beginning of the song says: “Sho Sayer with hakon
Halkhov, who is growing up with people here and here … the door of hope is getting drunk .. People are very enemy … the tide is over
Akbar .. And the dream became small .. He no longer interprets .. O my Lord, forgive us, O my Lord .. O my Lord, we lost
Love .. O my Lord, we have become a stranger … and the heart that curses us with fury.

And in a chat with Jihad Akl, he assured us that the world is
The whole is going through a very big crisis due to the Corona virus, and everyone is wondering, “What are you doing?”
Basir ”From here the idea came out and implemented it this way, as he drew the ball
The whole ground was shocked by this virus, so I would love to get a message through action
To say that everyone should be deterred and return to the Lord of the worlds, as it is a form of discipline
Divine. He stressed that the work reached his lovers immediately after its launch, especially as some people were very affected
After hearing the song.


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