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Yesterday, the curtain was closed on the last episode of the series “Sirr”, which achieved great success throughout its broadcast on MBC4, and included a selection of Lebanese and Syrian dramas, headed by Bassam Koussa, in the name of Mughniyah, Dalida Khalil, Wissam Hanna, Fadi Ibrahim, Rowad Alyo, Natasha Shofani, Nicole Tohme, Sami Abu Hamdan, Hassan Murad, Rania Silwan, Nawal Kamel, Tariq Anish, Jad Abu Ali, Joy Al-Hani, Asaad Rashdan, Michael Kababah, Tania Fakhry, Laila Qamari, Hisham Abu Sulaiman, Nicole Joy Faris and others. Written by Moayad Al-Nabulsi and directed by Marwan Barakat. Produced by “Media House Pictures”.

Dalida has starred
Khalil is in the “secret” of the role of “Tallinn”, where she managed to catch the eye on
Orbit 60 episodes, in terms of performance, looks, or the new character you played
It was an addition to her artistic career.

Dalida crossed
Khalil is in contact with us about her happiness with the success achieved by the series “The Secret”. She confirmed
She is proud of her presence in this dramatic work that brought together the Lebanese, the Syrian and the Egyptian.
She added that she is very happy with the confidence the product has placed in her, as well as her experience
I gained it from the star Bassam Kousa and the rest of the fellow actors.

Also, the director
Marwan Barakat added a lot to her scenes and made her trust herself to release all the energies that she had

We recall that Dalida had followed the episode
The last from home with her family due to the home quarantine, where I sent a message after the expiry
The series states, “With the end of the Mystery series and all secrets revealed, there remains one secret
Hidden behind success is the fatigue and effort of both the producers Sameh and Nahla, technicians and technicians
The director Marwan Barakat and my fellow actors who participated in this work. A greeting from the heart for the effort they did not hold back
On this series. ” “The amount of love written in this work was,” she concluded
Without an account of neither time nor fatigue, I hope we have won the admiration of the viewers and we will meet him

It should be noted that hundreds of comments were poured into the communication sites during the last episode, as Dalida Khalil Al-Trend came out in Lebanon and the Arab countries.

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