Frankly Location – The Stars website – Tim Hassan in his first comment after “Al-Haiba” exited the Ramadan competition


In the wake of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and a decision
The general mobilization imposed by the Lebanese state in addition to the closure of Lebanon’s airport and its borders
They prevented the completion of most of the dramas filmed by the Sabah Brothers company
Lebanon, and thus its exit from the Ramadan race, including the series “The Prestige Response”
Star Tim Hassan.

In his first comment, Tim Hassan posted a picture of a character
“Mountain” from the scenes of prestige, commenting: “A mountain in a nap outside.”
Ramadan .. We would like to inform you about the timing of the “Prestige Response” offer later, and immediately upon specification
God and your health in this world. ”

Recall that series
“Prestige” about seventy percent of the implementation has been completed
Sightseeing However, the rest includes a large group of actors and crowds in addition to regions
Many open military hardware. Also, the big star Mona Wasef and the star Dima
Qandalaft in Syria and their inability to return due to the closure of the land borders between Lebanon
And Syria.


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