France says, without mentioning Hifter’s name, that unilateral measures will not solve the conflict in Libya


Khalifa Haftar, commander of eastern Libya forces (Libyan National Army) – Image from Reuters archive.

PARIS (Reuters) – France said on Tuesday that the conflict in Libya could not be solved through unilateral decisions but rather through a dialogue supported by the United Nations, after Khalifa Haftar, commander of eastern Libya (Libyan National Army) forces, took control of the country. On behalf of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement that did not refer directly to Haftar, “A solution to the Libyan conflict can only be reached through dialogue between the parties under the auspices of the United Nations and not through individual decisions.

“There is no alternative to a comprehensive political solution as part of the conclusions of the Berlin conference.” He added that Paris was interested in the unity and stability of Libya.

Hifter announced on Monday that the Libyan National Army had accepted a “popular mandate” to govern the country, apparently ignoring the civilian authorities that nominally ruled eastern Libya.

Prepared by Ahmed Sobhi Khalifa for the Arab Newsletter- Edited by Hassan Ammar


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