France extends closure and relative decline in death toll


Yesterday (Wednesday), the French Presidency announced that the closure will extend beyond April 15, and that President Emmanuel Macron on Monday after six o’clock in the evening GMT will display his decisions to combat the epidemic in the coming weeks. The presidency of France Press did not specify the new closing period, a topic the French president could touch on in his fourth TV address since March 12.
Meanwhile, the health authorities announced the registration of 541 new deaths in the country’s hospitals due to the Corona virus during the past 24 hours, in a decrease of this rate compared to the previous toll.
The Director of the French General Administration of Health, Jerome Salmon, said in a press conference that the death toll of the deceased patients in the country’s hospitals rose by 541 cases and reached 7632 points after they were at the level of 7091 yesterday, Tuesday.
This figure indicates a noticeable decline in the high rate of HIV deaths in French hospitals, as this rate reached 605 cases on Monday and Tuesday, 597 deaths.
Salmon reported that the general number of deaths in the country, which includes victims in hospitals and homes for the elderly, reached 10869 cases compared to 10328 Tuesday, but the French health official stressed however that a technical problem hindered the collection of new data from the homes of the elderly, and for this reason it was not considered In today’s count, while this number as of yesterday, Tuesday reached 3237 cases.


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