Formula One: The decision on the British award will await the end of April


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London (AFP)

The organizers of the British Grand Prix within the Formula One World Championship, scheduled for next July, announced that they will wait until late April to decide on his fate, after the new Corona virus suspended the start of the season.

The “Covid-19” epidemic delayed the start of the World Championships, as the inaugural race scheduled for Australia in mid-March was canceled, and the Monaco race in May met the same fate. In addition, the other six phases, which are Bahrain, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Azerbaijan, have been postponed.

The first race officially listed on the website of the championship, Canada Grand Prix at Jill Villeneuve on 14 June.

“We are still engaged in close dialogue on the ongoing situation, and we are assessing the possibility of holding the Great Britain Prize between July 17 and 19 of it,” as originally planned, said British race organizers at the Silverstone circuit and world championships organizers in a joint statement on Wednesday.

“We estimate that other sporting appointments in Britain are scheduled for July, a decision was taken (regarding to postponement or cancellation), but it is important to note that its logistical preparations and sports arrangements differ from those undertaken by Silverstone, so our timetable gives us an opportunity Until the end of April in order to make a final decision. ”

The organizers stressed that “the safety of the fans, colleagues, and all of the Formula One community will be our priority, and we will continue to communicate with the relevant authorities.”

The new Corona virus outbreak, which caused the death of more than 41 people around the world, imposed almost complete paralysis on various sporting events in the current period, and prompted the postponement of large dates that were scheduled in the summer of 2020 to the summer of next year, most notably the Tokyo Olympics, European Cup and Copa America. South American Football.


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