Former US ambassador: Wait until it hits Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen … Corona virus is a time bomb


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Former US ambassador to Bahrain, Adam Ariel, who was previously deputy spokesman for the US State Department, said that the world believes that New York City has a real problem in facing the new Corona virus or what is known In the name of “Covid-19”, let them wait until they see other areas.

This came in a tweet of the former ambassador, on his official page on the social networking site, Twitter, where he said: “If you think New York has a problem, just wait until Covid (the new Corona virus) hits millions of displaced people and refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya and Gaza.” . ”

The former ambassador continued in the same tweet, describing those countries and regions in the most distant areas, “a population density on the ground and social separation is impossible and suffers from a failure of sterilization and health care efforts at the lowest levels … a time bomb.”

It is reported that, according to the latest figures tracked by CNN, the number of new Corona virus infections in New York City reached 75.795 thousand cases and the number of deaths reached 1550 cases.

Earl’s tweet came in a comment on a tweet from the New York Red Cross Committee, in which it said: “The victory over the pandemic lies only when countries, means and resources come together to contain and combat the spread of the virus … This is the only way forward.”


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