Foreigners withdraw $ 83 billion from emerging markets in March


Direct – Ahmed ShawkyForeign investors exited a record pace that exceeded $ 83 billion from emerging markets during the past month.

And revealed a report issued by the Institute of International Finance, today, Wednesday, that financial markets in emerging economies have seen outflows of $ 83.3 billion in cash outflows as investors exit stocks and bonds together.

The report pointed out that the impact of the Corona virus, which has spread in recent weeks at a rapid pace, was a great shock to emerging markets in addition to the collapse of oil prices.

And saw Outflows from the debt market $ 31 billion over the past month, in the second-largest monthly pace ever and the largest since 2008.

(FDI inflows to emerging markets)

And emerging markets in Asia had the lion’s share of outflows, registering $ 19.5 billion last month, compared to inflows of $ 4.5 billion in the previous month.

On the stock sideThe trend in the negative range is still continuing during the past month, as outflows from China recorded 12.3 billion dollars, and the rest of the emerging market countries witnessed a displacement of 40.1 billion dollars, the highest level since the beginning of data collection by the Finance Institute.


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