“Forbes” publishes a list of countries with the most increase in the number of billionaires



“Forbes” magazine revealed that China, the United States and Russia led the world in increasing numbers of billionaires during the past ten years.

The agency said that China ranked first on the list with 325 new billionaires appearing, bringing the total number to 389.

She pointed out that in Hong Kong, the number of billionaires increased from 41 to 66, with this Chinese province ranked fifth in the ranking.

In second place was the United States, where 210 billionaires appeared, bringing them to a total of 614.

In third place, Germany came with 55 new billionaires, bringing their total to 107, while India ranked fourth with 53 new billionaires, bringing their total to 102.

In Russia, 38 new billionaires appeared, bringing the total in the country to 99.

Among the newly wealthy of Russia, the magazine focused on Tatyana Paklchuk, founder and director of the Wildberries online store, and the head of the “Russia Business” association Alexey Ribek.

Source: aif.ru


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