For your baby’s preservation … 7 Important Mental Health Tips for Fear


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Sunday 12 April 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Because no other event has surfaced other than the “Covid 19” Coronavirus, the whole world is talking about it, whether on television, social media, or between people and each other, which may cause a state of psychological anxiety.

Because of the domestic quarantine and the imposition of a ban on the movement of citizens, feelings may mix in times of crisis, after watching and hearing news from all over the world, which leads to a feeling of tension among people, according to Dr. Mona Reda, professor of psychiatry at Ain Shams University.

This came in a video of her, published by the General Secretariat of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment via Facebook, in a series of episodes of awareness of mental health during the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus, noting that the frequent follow-up of events increases the rate of anxiety, which leads to a feeling of physical pain, and a lack of The ability to concentrate, the increased fear of loved ones being hurt, disliked and difficulty sleeping.

She added that there is a great responsibility on the parents, because they are the source of safety and reassurance for their children, so parents should not show concern about the Corona virus in front of their children in order to preserve their mental health.

And followers: “Symptoms may appear to show the concern of parents about the virus in their children, in the form of symptoms of frequent movement, nervousness, crying, bedwetting, nail biting and hair loss.”

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She explained that there are some methods that can be done to reduce excess anxiety and fear through:

– Set a specific time of 8 hours a day at intervals to watch news and news about the Corona virus, in Egypt or around the world.

Ensure exercise inside the home, and this will improve mood and strengthen the immune system.

Eat an integrated diet and healthy food, which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Be sure to practice reading, as this can help overcome stress, anxiety, boredom, distraction, and relax the mind.

– Family communication with others, which helps to strengthen the immune system and enhances the mood of a person.

Stay away from people who may supply you with negative energy, and not pay attention to what they say.

Engaging in a favorite pastime or household chores to eliminate excess anxiety.

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