Football Association Medical Committee: We developed return scenarios


Mohamed Sultan, President of the Medical Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that his committee has developed more than one scenario for the return of the Egyptian Premier League competition in the coming period.

In statements to “On Time Sports 2” channel, Mohamed Sultan said: “The general trend now is to return life to normal in all fields, including sports and football.”

Sultan added: “We have developed several scenarios for the return of the league and we are waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on one of them in order to implement it, all we care about is that the players and all members of the system be safe.”

The head of the medical committee continued: “There will be a preservation of distances and social separation when the league returns, in addition to working on sterilization and continuous cleansing.”

Sultan continued: “We prefer that the league be held in one city, and that there be a medical team in every stadium, and we will not allow any numbers for the public, as the natural numbers on the stadium will be reduced from individuals.”

The head of the medical committee concluded: “Football is played in a large stadium and in the open air, and the rates of infection during games are less than other sports, and contact and friction are slightly lower than other games.”


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