Five programs dumps on the screen in Ramadan


After he was not scheduled to present a program for dumps this year, the Egyptian artist Ramiz Jalal returned and filmed some episodes of a new program called “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi” to be screened during Ramadan. The Yemeni artist Arwa participates in presenting the program by hosting stars of art or sports, and claiming that the program is a dialogue, and the guest is presented with three pictures, including a picture of Rams Jalal, who suddenly appears and starts making the prank.

And presents the Egyptian comedian artist Mohamed Tharwat, his first experiences in presenting programs through the prank program “Nobody understands need”, and embodies the character of Hanafi, through which he presents characters that differ in each episode according to the professions that vary between the doctor, the butcher, the vegetable seller, the poultry seller, and others. Passers-by on the street are asked for strange requests, resulting in many comic situations, and Tharwat does not reveal his true face until the end of the episode.

After the Egyptian artist Fifi Abdo presented some programs such as “5 Umwah” and “Ahla Massa” that she presented years ago with the singer Hisham Abbas, Fifi presented “Khali Balak from Fifi”, a hidden camera program that relies on hosting a star in her home. . Some pranks are implemented in a comic and fun way, with the participation of Moroccan artist Zineb Abid.

Through its episodes, the program hosts a number of artists, including Ahmed Rizk, Sumaya Al-Khashab, Zina, Hassan Al-Raddad, Majed Al-Masry, Ahmed Badir, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, Reham Abdel-Ghaffour, Salwa Khattab, Rogina, Wizo, and others.

The “rehearsal” program introduces the presentation of Triumph and Badria students, and its idea revolves around making rehearsals for young beginners in acting to be part of a large new work, and rehearsals permeate many comic events that occur in the presence of Triumph and Badria students as part of it. The two artists had previously presented the program “Misfasnah”, and he was raising some social issues lightly.

The “Al-Muharzitiya” program is presented by Amr Radi. Each episode in it depends on a different idea by receiving the guest or guests present in the episode, and implementing the idea of ​​their prank. Each episode has its own idea that is executed very nicely, where each guest is hosted in different ways through job advertisements or apartments for rent, and a mold is made with it.

The Egyptian artist Hani Ramzy was supposed to present a program in the month of Ramadan whose idea is based on landfills as well, but the necessity of filming it in China prevented its completion due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Hani has previously presented a number of prank programs such as “Hani in the jungle” and “Hani in mines” and others.


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