“First of Mice and Monkeys” .. A Saudi artist proposes using prisoners as an experiment field


Saudi actress Maram Abdel Aziz, on her Twitter account, posted a controversial tweet calling for prisoners to be used as a testing ground for testing new drugs, rather than mice and monkeys, even if their results are not guaranteed.

The Saudi actress wrote, “If it was up to me, everyone who was arrested, especially in cases that affect security, would not imprison them, but would lose them food, drink and rehabilitation, their cell would be a field of testing for new drugs.”

She added, “Even if the results are not guaranteed, including punishment for them and from which the country benefits from them … they are the first to experiment with mice and monkeys who have not harmed us with anything.”

The tweet of Maram provoked the tweeters who launched the “We demand the arrest of Maram Abdel Aziz,” saying that her tweet is “inhuman”, and does not reflect the image of the artist who is supposed to spread tolerance, so that some of the tweets called for the withdrawal of Saudi nationality from it.

The artist responded to the criticism directed at her with another tweet in which she said, “People who tell you why do you introduce yourself to conduct drug and vaccine experiments .. First, I have long been a precursor to donating stem cells, and also donating all of my organs after death. As for clinical trials, they require healthy people.” Recovering, and this is true for me! You assured me of those who say what they don’t do. “


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