Find the dinosaur warrior in New Mexico


Scientists have found a feathered dinosaur with five-inch tall claws and was one of the last birds of prey such as dinosaurs before mass extinction.The fast beast like lightning has a unique shaped tail that enables him to hunt like a cheetah, the fastest living wild animal today, according to (Sky News).

The dinosaur was found by paleontologists from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and named it Dinebellator relative to indigenous people, which means “Navajo Warrior”.

Navajo is considered one of the Native American peoples in the southwest of the United States of America.

Experts from the Pennsylvania State Museum are studying the newly discovered species and say it is one of the “last birds of prey”

According to study author Stephen Jasinski, the Dineobellator had extremely sharp teeth, sturdy ends and unusually strong legs allowing him to tear his prey into pieces.

The dinosaur is about three and a half feet (106 cm) long and seven feet (about two meters) tall with a large and sturdy tail. It was slightly larger than the Velociraptor, which Jurassic Park is known for, but more terrifying, according to Jasinski.

“It would have been a little longer than a wolf, but its weight was lower, about 50 pounds (22.6 kg), for speed and agility,” said the study’s author.

The dinosaur used its claws, in the shape of a crescent, which are three on each foot, to attack its prey from mammals, lizards, birds, fish, and other dinosaurs.

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