Find out the value of the compensation that Selena Gomez requested after her “Game” image appeared


Global star Selena Gomez demanded compensation amounting to 10 million US dollars, after being exploited by a software and technology company who used her image to promote the game, most notably “Clothes Forever – Styling Game”, so Gomez asked for this huge amount because she finds that it cannot be exploited One of its fame, which worked hard over the past years to build and create sweeping popularity around the world, and this game is clearly profitable as it requires the public to buy.

And according to pagesix, the lawsuit indicated that “the defendants did not attempt to communicate or contact Selina Gomez, consulted them, or informed her of the idea of ​​using any of the advertising rights in relation to the game, and if requested to do so, Selena would immediately refuse such use.”

It is noteworthy that Selena Gomez decided to confront anyone trying to exploit her name or her fame as it is one of the most important and famous stars in the world. Selena, 27, filed a lawsuit against a number of software and technology companies and the people who run them, accusing them of benefiting From her picture and name without her permission.

According to the legal documents obtained by the TMZ website, Selena Gomez claimed that she was shocked that her name is being used in order to achieve a lot of gains for applications and games, most notably “Clothes Forever – Styling Game”, in the documents Selina says that this game benefited from the image of Homiz She wears the same outfit and in the same position in which she appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine, Flare, in its November 2015 issue and put it on their app, which appeared in the Apple App Store.

Selena says that throughout her career she has worked to build a strong and important reputation around the world, so pop singer filed a damages claim, reduced her profits, and the game stopped her alleged illegal activity and commercial practices.


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