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“I wanted to prove myself to Port Said.” Wajih Abdel-Azim has fought a challenging challenge to prove his capabilities to Egyptian President Mitwalli, made him one of the stars of the league in the past, and today he is the guest of in a lengthy dialogue.

Wajih talked about his beginnings with football until his retirement, with the disclosure of some scenes in Zamalek’s dressing room, and his desire to train Al-Masry one day.

Here is what Wajih Abdel-Azim revealed to in the interview.

Starting from Esco to Vanguard of the Army

“I loved watching Reda Abdel-Al, Alaa Mihoub, Badr Ragab, Ibrahim Al-Masry and Hazem Imam, and I made sure to follow them.”

“The decision to play in ESCO came after the advice of the people to me, because I was playing every shirt in a match at the Youth Center of the Arena in Qalioub, and the viewers were saying that they came to watch me, at that time I only loved the five-pointed ball, a friend and my neighbor was a coach in ESCO and advised me to go to the tests and at the first A part took me out to bring my father the next day to sign the forms. ”

“I started at the age of 16 with ESCO and after a year I was promoted to the first team, I received many offers from Hili and Zamalek, but the club refused my departure except with a large amount, an idea to leave the game because of this period.”

“In 2003, I joined the pioneers of the army for 80,000 pounds for 3 seasons after the first season. We qualified for the Premier League, led by Kamal Etman, and spent two seasons in the Premier League.”

“I did not participate a lot in the Premier League because Abd al-Sattar Sabri was, it was difficult to participate in the presence of a large star of his size, after the end of my contract I decided to leave despite the club’s desire to continue, I was one of the players who receive good treatment from Field Marshal Tantawi and I always participate with him in football matches Five-Way. ”

The most important leg of his career: the Egyptian

“Some of the people close to me advised me to join a club, and then the Egyptian coach Mohamed Salah asked me to join the team. We gathered a session with the late Sayed Metwalli, the club president, and during his entry at the first moment that he saw me, and I found him whispering in the ear of one of the people close to him, I expected what I would find in This session is private while you are in the presence of a club president with a slight shadow while I am short. ”

“Sayyid Mitwalli was enjoying a lot of lightness, after a while I knew what was whispered in the ear of Nour al-Remal in the first meeting of the signing of the Egyptian.

“Metwally said that I am a short player and I do not look like football players. We have to sign him and then get rid of him during the preparation period.”

“Negotiations started with Sayed Metwally and we decided to sign for two seasons. The financial compensation offered to me was 200 thousand pounds in the season, unlike the contracts that were freed for the team players and most of the players were getting 400 thousand in the season.”

“I didn’t think about the money and I told the club president my consent about the financial return, but it is my level who will talk about me after the two seasons and will see for himself this and started a strong challenge with the team.”

“The preparation period began in the 2006 season, I was very good and everyone praises me. I was the team’s top scorer in the friendly matches. With the beginning of the league near, Mohamed Salah left and for a temporary period Ali Al Saeed took over the team, until a Romanian coach (Alexandro Moldovan) was hired, he put This man has a condition for me to continue in the team and he is playing in the middle of the stadium and not a playmaker, or to leave and asked that from Sayed Metwally. ”

“Metwally asked me to obey the coach’s request, and I actually participated in the middle of the stadium during the Alexandria camp and found it in the center of the stadium. With the first game in the league against Suez Cement I participated in the same center, then the coach asked me to play after the spear, and contributed to making a goal Tie for Ikram Abdul Aziz, and from here my first season with Al-Masry started.

Welcome to the twins and the beginning of a new era

“With the start of the second season, my coach, Helmy Tolan, asked to renew my contract after the many offers I received, but I told Sayed Metwally that I will not renew my contract or amend it to the end of the season as I had previously planned.”

“In the second season, Ibrahim Al-Masry asked me to wear shirt number 10 instead of 23. He told me I deserve this number and told me that I am his successor.”

“In this season, Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan took over the team’s training, the atmosphere was more than wonderful and I saw from them an unprecedented training situation.”

“The atmosphere in Port Said was wonderful and we used to participate in many social and humanitarian events and we were holding a Quran reciter. My life in Port Said was limited to training and the mosque, so they called me the title of Sheikh in the team. I used to conclude the Qur’an in Ramadan a lot because I kept the book of God.”

“After the end of the second season, Hossam Hassan asked me to renew my contract. I sat with Sayed Metwally, at first I swore that I had not signed any club, and Metwally asked my conditions, but we informed him that I do not place conditions in front of the Egyptian club.”

Mr. Metwally, the spiritual father

“But I asked for 800 thousand pounds per season for another goal in my head, Mr. Metwally was surprised by my request, but I told him that I set him to remind him of the first session between us after he set a weak fee and I committed to it, and I entered a special challenge to prove myself to everyone in Port Said.”

“I informed Mitwalli after that that I left him with the financial appreciation order, and I will not talk about any material matters. All I want is to continue with the team after everyone knew me through him. Here, Mitwalli’s response was unexpected and he told me that he would write a check immediately at 75% of the first season.” But I refused and asked him to give me a percentage of my dues like the rest of the players. Sayed Metwally told me that I am the son of Port Said now. ”

“I considered Sayed Metwalli as my older brother, and he always asked me to pray or pray in congregation with me, and my respect and love for him increased when I saw how the Egyptian loves, he sacrificed everything for the club.”

“His death was harsh for me, I felt that I am missing something in Port Said, I was always keen to go to his image after achieving any goal in Port Said stadium, this made some officials of the Egyptian administration feel jealous and distressed, which caused the disruption of my belongings procedures, but my position Sayed Mitwalli’s side has not and will not change, no matter how harassed. ”

“Mitwalli was always asking me to call him and talk to him, days before his death, he gave my third daughter, and during a conversation between us I told him that we will win three in his last game in Port Said and it really happened.”

“During the payment of new dues of my contract, I called Mr. Metwally before cashing the check. I asked him whether to go to the bank or not, and he asked me to do so, after that I felt that the club was in a financial crisis, and I decided not to spend it to leave the amount to the rest of my colleagues, but then Hussam Hassan and Mr. Metwally contacted me and insisted on cashing the check “.

The end of the Egyptian journey

“With Kamel Abu Ali assuming the management of the club, the situation became different and for the better, but I was injured in the cruciate ligament. The club president supported me to perform the surgery with a German doctor in Cairo, next to the period of 40 days of treatment in Germany, my recovery was very short, the treatment trip It was only 3 months and 20 days, I returned to participate in front of Zamalek, for 80 minutes despite the fact that the German doctor asked me to participate for an hour only. ”

“We finished the league and cup matches and participated in the last matches of the team, but I was surprised that the club is renewing some players and contracting with new players and no one has spoken to me.”

“I spoke with Yasser Salem and informed me that Kamel Abu Ali is in Switzerland, and they will try to communicate with him to inform him, at this time more than one club spoke to me, but I would rather wait for the Egyptian decision.”

“One of the club’s officials told me that there is a fear of injury and the tendency not to renew with me, despite my recovery from the injury and participated in more than one match until the end of the season. I waited about 3 weeks and no official spoke to me, after that I received a call from Hussam and Ibrahim Hassan asking me to sign For Zamalek and it really happened. ”

“Kamel Abu Ali contacted me four days after signing Zamalek and informed him of my deep sorrow over the treatment he had suffered and asked to hold a session at his house after his arrival to Cairo. I went to him and during the session I told him my desire to cancel the transfer to Zamalek and continue to the Egyptian.”

“I was asked to sign for the Egyptian, and at this time the crisis of Mohamed Nagy Gedo came after he signed for two clubs and I was afraid that I would be suspended. Kamel Abu Ali asked me to specify the financial contract, but I only asked to continue with the Egyptian and leave the appreciation to the administration.”

“Kamel told me, he will give me a million and a half pounds contract, and that he will end it with Hossam and Ibrahim, even though my contract with Zamalek was much less than that.”

“Ten days after the session, Yasser Salem, the managing director, contacted me and told me a letter from Kamel Abu Ali to continue with Zamalek after the twins stuck to my services.”

“The Egyptian fans blamed me and described me as a traitor because I joined Zamalek. I was very sad because things were not what the fans think. I was loyal to the team and did not seek to leave him permanently, because I was happy in Port Said and this is my first clarification of such details.”

A “nice” year in Zamalek

“It was a beautiful year for me in Zamalek. My colleagues were great. I was keen to bring players together and pray together.”

“Shikabala told me that I am more skilled than him, and he was attending his shoes and the glove of Abdul Wahid al-Sayyid next to me as I read the Qur’an and called me the (Baraka) title in Zamalek.”

“Zamalek players loved me and always asked Hosam Hassan to be on the list out of optimism. Shikabala told me to go back No. 10 You are letters from me, I told him how? He told me the number fit for you, and I used to tell him I was watching you and it does not help.”

“I left my dues with Zamalek and did not ask about them after agreeing on their schedule and amounted to 370 thousand pounds. I only got two months due to the material conditions of the club and I did not ask again.”

“After the Zamalek season, I joined the military production and due to the conditions of the league’s suspension in 2012, I moved to Amman and played a single year there. They asked me to continue and settle there, but I felt that this was not a successful step for me after suffering more than one injury throughout the season. I decided to return to Egypt and not play There again, I refused to play in the second degree out of respect for myself, even though I was only 33 and started the training journey. ”

For the title “Al-Osta” and its best goals

“I liked to follow Hamada Imam’s program, which displays the best goals of the week and analyzes the players’ performance in each goal. I adore Mahmoud Karra and described it to me as a simpler while commenting on the matches. ”

“The sports critic, Hassan Al-Mestkawi, in his hosting of Hossam Hassan, asked him about the best 3 players in Egypt. The response of the brigadier general, Mohamed Abu Trika, Hosni Abed Rabbo and Wajih Abdul Azim, was astonishment.

“Hussam justified that if I had my chance, I would be one of the best in Egypt, I am proud of this choice.”

“I was in the national team camps before the 2008 Nations Cup, but how do I get a chance in the presence of Trika and Mohamed Barakat?”

“I do not forget my goal in the border guards in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup. In the 94th minute, I saw the fans leaving at this moment, I was crying and trying to motivate my teammates to return to the match. The fans returned to the stadium despite our loss, but the most important thing is to play to the joy of the fans. ”

“There is another goal in the Ghazl Al-Mahalla match in the Egypt Cup. She scored a goal in the match and Mohamed Al-Atrawi tied for Al-Mahala. Then she scored a second goal in the 120th minute and made the third for Ahmed Jalal. These crucial goals in the last minutes have their own luster.

Al-Masry Training

“I worked with Hisham Zakaria at the Egypt Club, and the channel and we led El Gouna to qualify for the Egyptian Premier League. I have my own work, I am currently training young players to raise the technical and physical levels and I have youngsters from all clubs and decided to continue this professional step in training.

“I hope to take over the Egyptian training one day. This club has a great credit for my career, and the fans have only known me about it.”

Wajih Abdel-Azim played for the pioneers of the army from 2003 to 2006, and for the Egyptian until 2010, before playing for a single season with Zamalek, then military production, then retirement.

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