Filer: Al Ahly does not need many deals in the future and this is my advice to “Kahraba”


Swiss coach Rene Weiler confirmed to Al-Ahly team that he believes that Al-Ahly does not need many deals in the coming season to support the team, as he is satisfied with the level of most of the players and sees that they are able to implement his ideas on the field, and the Swiss coach stressed that he follows every player over a long period You arrive for a full season, not for a match or two.

Feiler explained that electrification has to take advantage of the current league pausing period in order to regain fitness to be ready to participate if the league returns and ends its suspension.

On the comparison between him and Jose, he stressed that it is unjust, as he presented a great history with Al-Ahly, a legendary coach and a great star with Al-Ahly, but he is at the beginning of his career with the Red Fort.

He added Fyler In statements to the OnTime Stadium course on OnTime Sport channel, every coach who takes over the leadership of Al-Ahly has his silence and advantages and competition with Manuel Jose is the right of any coach’s project.

Regarding the existence of a dispute with the medical device, Fyler stressed that there are no differences, but there are arrangements between the technical and medical staff and he is happy to work with them.

Al-Ahly coach Rene Filer confirmed that he was hoping to face Zamalek in the league in the game that was postponed due to the lack of arrival of Zamalek, stressing that the match would have been fun for the red fans.

Feiler added that he did not think about the impact of the Zamalek match on the players before the Sun Downs match in the African Champions League, because he had prepared the players physically well.

Swiss coach Rene Feiler confirmed to Al-Ahly that he does not have any personal relationship with French coach Patrice Carteron, the Zamalek team, but they were not previously joined by any coincidence or fellowship relationship on the field or outside.

Feiler added that he met Cartieron once on the field, and noticed that he was an organized and careful person who was a respectable coach and was achieving success with his team.

Swiss coach Rene Weiler said that Al-Ahly player Hussein Al-Shahat does not suffer from a decline in the technical level, but he is going through difficult psychological conditions and pressures that made his level decline slightly.

Feiler added that he is confident in Hussein El-Shahat’s ability to return to his level again and pass the crisis, as he is a technically distinguished player and has the character of the hero.


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