Figures will disappear from football history due to Corona


Surrendering the Coronavirus and canceling the season is considered the “worst nightmare” for football. Many titles will be lost and great achievements will disappear from history books, despite their magnificence.

The complete cancellation of the season remains the “last solution” for football federations, and it is an option that is not favored by unions, clubs or fans, but it may be imposed by governments, in the event of failure to solve the Corona virus crisis.

Let’s take a look at the most important achievements and figures that have been achieved this season, and has been completely removed from history books:

The glory of Liverpool

Liverpool were just a few meters away from the Premier League title, for the first time in 30 years, before the suspension of the league competition due to the Corona virus.

Canceling the season will be very painful for Liverpool and its fans, especially since the title is very close to the “Reds”, with unprecedented records in the number of victories.

All experts considered the season to be completely decided, since last January, due to the huge difference between Liverpool and its annexes, Manchester City and Leicester City.

Liverpool numbers

In addition to the lost title, Liverpool’s achievements this season, in terms of numbers, will be blown away by the wind.

Liverpool equaled the record for Manchester City, with 18 consecutive victories in the league, the highest in the history of the Premier League, in addition to breaking the Manchester City record by achieving the most consecutive victories at home, and the number of 22 victories.

Liverpool also broke the record for the league’s biggest difference, which reached 25 full points, a difference that the league had not seen before.

All these numbers may be lost on the Reds in their best season in history, if the season is canceled.

Aguero’s tears

As for Argentine striker Sergio Aguero, he will suffer a lot from his side. His impressive personal numbers this season have strengthened his position among the legends of the Premier League.

Aguero reached the 180th goal in the Premier League, bypassing Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, to finish fourth in the Premier League’s top scorer throughout history.

Aguero also scored the 12th hat-trick in his career, becoming the highest record of the trio in league history.

Teenage Ghoul

Young Norwegian star Erling Halland was the rising star of the 2019-2020 season, starring with Austrian Red Bull Salzburg and then with Borussia Dortmund as soon as he moved there, in January.

Halland became the first teenage player (19 years) to score in 5 consecutive Champions League matches, and the fastest player in the competition history to reach 10 goals.

Lester and Sheffield

Leicester City returned to the fore in the English Premier League, competed for the league for several rounds, before settling in third place, and promising a return to the Champions League, under the leadership of Brenden Rodgers.

As for Sheffield United, it was the undisputed surprise of the season, and the big crowd, until it settled in seventh place, on the threshold of a historic achievement represented in playing Yoruba League next season.

The extraordinary season of Leicester and Sheffield, he is in the grip of the deadly virus.

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, this season became the fastest coach to achieve 100 wins in the Premier League, when he reached the 100th victory, after 134 league matches only.

Messi numbers

Argentinean Lionel Messi scored the hat-trick in the Spanish League this season, with the hat-trick No. 34, ahead of rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

His 24 goals with Barcelona this season have brought him closer to the Brazilian legend Pele, the historical scorer with one club, Pele has 643 goals with Santos, Messi now scored 627 with Barcelona.

Ronaldo numbers

Ronaldo was in the midst of a great season with Juventus, as he reached his 1000th match in the professional world, last February.

He also broke the historical record for consecutive matches in the Italian League, which reached 11 consecutive matches.

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