Fifi Abdo “terrorizes” Sumaya al-Khashab and causes her to scream and insult (video)


MBC Egypt channel showed on its Twitter account, scenes from the artist Sumaya al-Khashab’s episode of the dumps show “Khali Balak from Vivi”. The videos attracted a lot of attention due to what they revealed about what happened during the episode.

Upon arriving at the location of the shooting, the security forces intercepted the building, wondering why the gate was lighting when it passed, which required it to enter and exit several times.

Inside, the girl who plays the role of a domestic worker fell on her and made strange moves before she repeated the phrase “Go away! Go away.”

The girl also tried to feel toxic, but the latter managed to control her emotions. After that, one of the team members came out claiming that he was burning what made the artist start screaming and trying to escape, especially after the firing of the crackers.The worker invited her to hide in the bathroom, where she started insulting before she asked them, so Vivi Abdo got out and revealed the truth.


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